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Infanticide Debate Reflects a New Era for Abortion Politics
As states push for pro-choice protections, Christians have a growing obligation to defend the lives of babies born as “burdens.”
The Uncertain Future of Pro-Life Democrats
Mixed results in the 2018 midterms leave questions on partisan strategy over abortion.
How Cecile Richards Strengthened the Pro-Life Movement
Outgoing Planned Parenthood president leaves legacy on both side of the abortion debate.
The Year Science Took Over the Pro-Life Movement
Even the technology touted at 2018’s March for Life can divide the cause when it comes to abortion policy.
Are Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Women Any Closer to Finding Common Ground?
A year after the first Women’s March, politics continue to splinter the women’s movement.
Democrats Willing to Fund Pro-Life Candidates to Win Back Congress
Question is how many single-issue voters are really up for grabs.
How to Counter the Economic Argument for AbortionSubscriber Access Only
To provide a persuasive alternative, the church must offer holistic, long-term support.
How Pro-Life Activism Became Personal AgainSubscriber Access Only
After years of being ‘too busy’ to help, I found myself getting involved once more.
Loving Our Pro-Choice Neighbors in Word and DeedSubscriber Access Only
What we say about abortion matters, even if we act peacefully.
Being Pro-Life Has Never Been EasySubscriber Access Only
Our trust in God outweighs our fear.
Planned Parenthood Will Stop Taking Money for Fetus PartsSubscriber Access Only
Organization behind videos that brought practice to light calls move an “admission of guilt.”
Abortion Video Leads to Claims of Modern Day Grave RobbingSubscriber Access Only
Planned Parenthood exec discusses prices of fetal tissue over lunch.
The Secret Shame of Abortion in the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
A more public discussion of abortion stories can lead the way to healing.
50: The Best the March for Life Movement Can Ever Hope For?Subscriber Access Only
The last time pro-life politicians had this much political power, states passed record restrictions on abortion. But new rulings suggest a stopping point.
Defending the Workplace Baby BumpSubscriber Access Only
Pro-life and pro-choice groups unite as the Supreme Court considers pregnancy discrimination.
What We Talk About When We Talk About 'Birth Control'Subscriber Access Only
Meaningful debate requires us to define the terms of discussion.
Taking Exception: The Strategy That's Dividing the Pro-life MovementSubscriber Access Only
States are passing more restrictions on abortion than ever before. Some say it’s because they’ve surrendered too much.
Abortion Meets a New GenerationSubscriber Access Only
Progressive evangelicals can't tout social justice while side-stepping the sanctity of life.
Will the Supreme Court Pop Abortion Clinic Bubbles?Subscriber Access Only
A challenge to 'buffer zones' against pro-life protesters gets a surprise hearing Wednesday, January 15.
When Abortion Hits HomeSubscriber Access Only
As more women open up, we’re faced with the heartbreaking realization that abortion affects us all.

Top Story February 22, 2020

I Assumed Science Had All the Answers. Then I Started Asking Questions
I Assumed Science Had All the Answers. Then I Started Asking Inconvenient Questions.
My journey from atheist dogma to Christian faith was paved with intellectual and spiritual surprises.

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