November 2015

3 Reasons Leaders Are Disappearing
3 Reasons Leaders Are DisappearingSubscriber Access Only
Are we facing a leadership crisis in the church?
Meet the Press
Meet the PressSubscriber Access Only
5 starting points for handling your church's media relations.
What Tommy Taught Me
What Tommy Taught Me
Our church’s walk with a homeless man marked us indelibly.
Why I Preach Grace-Filled Sermons
Why I Preach Grace-Filled SermonsSubscriber Access Only
Your congregation needs rest, not a “to-do” list.
Pastors in Paris: Opposing Terror with Love
Pastors in Paris: Opposing Terror with LoveSubscriber Access Only
Church leaders in the City of Lights are asking for prayer for their city.
Lessons from Exile
Lessons from ExileSubscriber Access Only
What minority churches have learned from their time outside the mainstream – and what the white church can learn from us.
Coming Up for Air
Coming Up for AirSubscriber Access Only
Why church leaders need Marilynne Robinson.
Matt Chandler: ‘You Create Your Own Treadmills’
Matt Chandler: ‘You Create Your Own Treadmills’Subscriber Access Only
An interview on applying grace to yourself.
Body Cameras in North Charleston
Body Cameras in North CharlestonSubscriber Access Only
And 3 other innovative ‘ideas that work’ from creative churches.
In Praise of the Church Building
In Praise of the Church BuildingSubscriber Access Only
The church is not a building, but it has given us a home.
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