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June 12 , 2000
Volume 44, Number 7
June 12
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Table of Contents
How did evangelicals get so wealthy, and what has it done to us?
How this former unbelieving electrical engineer became evangelicalism's financial answer man—and a look at the advice he gives.
Rich Christians in an age of easy credit
Ministries that think they can do no financial wrong deceive themselves.
The African-American experience teaches us that political activity is essential to the church's identity.
Alaskan churches debate whether they should reach at-risk youth by using their culture's pre-Christian traditions.
A pretty effective formula for small souls (like mine).
A ministry helps churches handle the complex issue.
A 2000 tribute to Ruth Graham.
Online smut is taking its toll on Christians. What is the church doing about it?
Troubling language frames the stem-cell debate
ABC anchorman Peter Jennings discusses what moved him as he filmed a special on the life of Christ.
An African Perspective on Psalm 23.
Evangelical politics is bigger than the religious right.
Two books tell the story behind John Lennon's short-lived conversion.
Quotations on getting, giving, and generosity
The breakdown of community is not just a hunch of social commentators, but a sociological fact with severe consequences.
The homeschooling Scheibner family isn't bowling alone.
Aristotle and Aquinas enter the bioethics debate, answering what it means to be human.
Inner-city gradeschoolers reawakened author Jonathan Kozol's dormant faith.
A lively response by one unusual audience shows how God's power transforms culture.
United Methodists reject homosexual marriages and ordinations.
Christian colleges rethink sports mascots.
Mourning, but glory for religious protesters removed from Vieques
Anne Graham Lotz says, Just give me Jesus in five-city revival.
A New Mexico county sheriff thinks so.
Maryland megachurch fights its former denomination over $38 million in disputed assets.
Tufts University bans-then reinstates-InterVarsity over complaint from bisexual student.
An Arkansas church does Disney one better to attract kids.
Laotian Christians held in wooden stocks for refusing to recant their faith.
Christian leaders argue embargo punishes the poor, not the Iraqi elite.
Colombia's pastors endure extortion, kidnappings, and threats as they plant churches and help the poor in a war zone.
Top Story April 24, 2018
Rosaria Butterfield: Christian Hospitality Isn’t ‘Southern Hospitality’
Rosaria Butterfield: Christian Hospitality Is Radically Different from ‘Southern Hospitality’
It has nothing to do with entertainment—and everything to do with addressing the crisis of unbelief.