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August 2004
Volume 48, Number 8
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Table of Contents
The difference between Christian practice and a Starbucks purchase.
How to achieve ethnic diversity—and die (to self) trying.
Has the nation finally abandoned its Judeo-Christian heritage, or is there still hope?
Has the nation finally abandoned its Judeo-Christian heritage, or is there still hope?
In the popular imagination, conservative evangelical fathers are power-abusing authoritarians. A new study says otherwise.
When Pleasing Others Is Hurting You addresses the need to be needed.
Circuit Court supports state's primary role in assisted suicide.
The God Who Speaks teaches readers to listen.
The discussion of gender roles moves beyond 'proof-text poker.'
An interview with Maggie Gallagher
This African American pastor made headlines when he offered whites cash to attend his church.
Recent stats on organized religion, same-sex marriage, and Israel tourism.
A review of When I Lay My Isaac Down.
Christians minister to the hopeless in Gaza.
Deaths, promotions, and other items from the religion world.
Atheist says battle over 'under God' has just begun.
Here Am I Lord … Send Somebody Else uses Moses to discover God's power in weakness.
The Great Commission and the cultural commission are not in competition.
Christian activists struggle to slow the rapid growth of Indian casinos.
The Presidential Prayer Team prays for Bush, Iraq, and more voters.
Some evangelicals believe Eldredge is making God in his image.
We're making more money, but the payoff isn't always positive.
John Eldredge thinks too many Christians are weak, and churches are often insipid-and he's not going to take it anymore
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Front line of Communion war spreads to homosexuality.
Southern Baptists reaffirm their conservative positions.
With new peace accord signed, Christians prepare to meet needs.
Statement affirming homosexual unions roils Anglicans.
More important than keeping the phrase 'under God' is the reason for keeping it.
Spiritual influences on the president's life were strong and varied.
Partial-birth abortion ban banned, registering Turkmenistan's churches, and Baylor's Robert Sloan.
Recent quotes on Friends sexual harassment, EU Constitution, stem cells, and the psychotic self-righteous evangelicals.
Plus: Doug LeBlanc's next move.
Top Story August 14, 2018
Why Zika, and Other Viruses, Don’t Disprove God’s Goodness
Why Zika, and Other Viruses, Don’t Disprove God’s Goodness
A microbiologist reflects on the problem of evil in human diseases.