May (Web-only) 2007

Meditating Like a Dog
Meditating Like a DogSubscriber Access Only
Eugene Peterson on the discipline of spiritual reading.
The Cost of Christian EducationSubscriber Access Only
Getting schooled in the faith is more unnerving than I care to admit.
Mitt's Mormonism and the 'Evangelical Vote'Subscriber Access Only
Can conservative Protestants vote for a member of what they consider a cult?
Have I Been Understood?Subscriber Access Only
The Shadow of the Antichrist examines Nietzsche's animosity toward Christianity.
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual SongsSubscriber Access Only
Worship music engages the eyes, not just the ears and tongues.
The Winter of Our DiscontentSubscriber Access Only
"A cantankerous old woman is never so annoying as when she is in some way related to you."
Film As a Healing ExerciseSubscriber Access Only
A Seattle film festival looks for the connections between Christianity, narrative and human rights.
"Is Christianity Good for the World?"Subscriber Access Only
Part 5 of the ongoing debate between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson.
BugSubscriber Access Only
Does God Have Enemies?Subscriber Access Only
The message of Obadiah.
For Museum's Opening, Former Presidents, a Talking Cow, and Gobs of GrahamSubscriber Access Only
"He doesn't want attention to go to him. And yet it just does."
Fundamentalism and FreedomSubscriber Access Only
The Jehovah's Witnesses are more than a knock-knock joke.
"Is Christianity Good for the World?"Subscriber Access Only
Part 4 of the ongoing debate between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson.
An Obligation to Remember Eternally?Subscriber Access Only
Resentment, even in the name of justice, is not for those who expect God's final reconciliation.
Shrek the ThirdSubscriber Access Only
Surviving a Family-Wrecking EconomySubscriber Access Only
What the church can do about working mothers.
Falwell, Megachurch Pastor Who Organized Religious Right, Dead at 73Subscriber Access Only
Self-described fundamentalist countered movement's tradition of separatism.
Jerry Falwell, Architect of Religious Right, Dies at 73Subscriber Access Only
Liberty University founder mobilized social conservatives in politics.
"Is Christianity Good for the World?"Subscriber Access Only
Part 3 of the ongoing debate between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson.
A Tough AudienceSubscriber Access Only
Michael Landon Jr., director of The Last Sin Eater and four Love Comes Softly films, discusses the challenges of making movies for Christians—who can be a fickle audience.
Georgia RuleSubscriber Access Only
The Hip Hop ProjectSubscriber Access Only
Christianity Today Wins 11 AwardsSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical Press Association announces journalism awards at annual conference
"Is Christianity Good for the World?"Subscriber Access Only
Part 2 of the ongoing debate between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson.
Q&A: Francis BeckwithSubscriber Access Only
Former ETS president speaks about what he takes from evangelicalism back to the Roman Catholic Church.
"Is Christianity Good for the World?"Subscriber Access Only
Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson debate.
Reluctant LegendSubscriber Access Only
Brenda Lee chats about the early days of rock—including when the Beatles were her opening act!—and her brand new gospel album. But don't call her a legend.
New Life After a FallSubscriber Access Only
Pastor Ross Parsley and the Desperation Band discuss how New Life Church has found healing and renewal in the aftermath of the Ted Haggard sex scandal.
Away From HerSubscriber Access Only
Lucky YouSubscriber Access Only
The Real Secret of the UniverseSubscriber Access Only
Why we disdain feel-good spirituality but shouldn't.
JindabyneSubscriber Access Only
Spider-Man 3Subscriber Access Only
The Spirit of FaithfulnessSubscriber Access Only
Another public failure in fidelity calls us back to the message of the Cross.
WaitressSubscriber Access Only
The Passion of Peter ParkerSubscriber Access Only
Spider-Man is the alter ego of a very human—and fallible—teen who may not be messianic, but sure understands that there's power in weakness.
Why the Church Is ImportantSubscriber Access Only
The institutional church is for every believer.
Spidey Gets SpiritualSubscriber Access Only
As Spider-Man 3 releases to theaters, director Sam Raimi and cast talk about the biblical themes and spiritual imagery in the movies—especially in the latest chapter.
Tools for the SoulSubscriber Access Only
Knowing God’s Love is Impossible
Knowing God’s Love is Impossible
At least for us. But for God, nothing is impossible.