May (Web-only) 2009

Lost PentecostSubscriber Access Only
How to capture a richer meaning of our Sunday for the Holy Spirit.
A Scottish BummerSubscriber Access Only
Why did the Scottish government express disappointment? What word won the National Spelling Bee? And other questions from this week's news.
UpSubscriber Access Only
Pixar's latest—about an old widower and a young boy who find themselves on an adventure—blends humor and pathos to create another masterpiece.
Drag Me to HellSubscriber Access Only
Beneath its terrifying exterior, this horror flick offers a morally and theologically fascinating exploration of the Calvinist doctrine of total depravity.
Few Red Flags Found in Sotomayor's Religion-Related CasesSubscriber Access Only
President Obama's Supreme Court pick generally sided with religious freedom.
Ward, M.
Hold TimeSubscriber Access Only
M. Ward's songs of love, loss, death—and redemption.
Will There Really Be a MorningSubscriber Access Only
God Don't Never ChangeSubscriber Access Only
Mental Health and WealthSubscriber Access Only
Also: A religious-rights test case on the lam.
Pete Docter, Pixar's Star Director, Talks about His Christian FaithSubscriber Access Only
Pete Docter, director of the new Pixar film Up, says that as a Christian he's learned that relationships matter more than anything—and his new movie shows it.
Night at the Museum: Battle for the SmithsonianSubscriber Access Only
Ben Stiller returns as a security guard in yet another magical museum, but there’s just not much magic—or human connection—here.
Speak the Gospel
Speak the GospelSubscriber Access Only
Use deeds when necessary.
Terminator SalvationSubscriber Access Only
With a theme about the heart separating humans from machines, this post-apocalyptic sequel forgets the heart as it mechanically tells a story.
Saints, Sinners, and SalvationSubscriber Access Only
The Terminator franchise—including the new Terminator Salvation—is full of religious imagery, much of it ultimately embracing hope for mankind.
To Swear or Not to Swear?Subscriber Access Only
Our recent commentary about Derek Webb's battle with his record company over the use of a bad word sparked quite a reaction from readers.
Jesus and the Terminator
Jesus and the TerminatorSubscriber Access Only
Biblical allusions run throughout the series.
Open HandSubscriber Access Only
'I Kind of Wanted to Die'Subscriber Access Only
Lanae Hale's struggles with self-esteem and self-mutilation continue to haunt her, but her faith is helping on the road to recovery.
'I Try to Be a Christian'Subscriber Access Only
Orson Welles had a Catholic upbringing and was involved in several projects based on the Bible, but he mostly identified with Shakespeare's Falstaff—a Christ figure 'decorated with vices.'
Man of His Time for All TimesSubscriber Access Only
W. Robert Godfrey paints popular portrait of Calvin as pilgrim and pastor.
Summer HoursSubscriber Access Only
This French film tells a story of death and grieving, but it's anything but depressing—it's a celebration of life and family.
ManagementSubscriber Access Only
A quirky romance between two unlikely lovers manages to be moving, despite an uneven story.
The Brothers BloomSubscriber Access Only
Quirky, stylish caper film revels in the blurry line between real life and storytelling.
Christian Children's Fund Drops 'Christian' from NameSubscriber Access Only
The organization hopes the new name will broaden its reach.
Angels & DemonsSubscriber Access Only
The sequel to The Da Vinci Code is marginally more entertaining and a bit better in its treatment of religion, but it's still fundamentally silly and inaccurate.
O'HortenSubscriber Access Only
A taciturn railway engineer retires and must find a new life, while encountering many strange experiences along the way.
Operation SquirrelSubscriber Access Only
Lots of birthday candles for Baptists, feuding Pentecostal pastors, and more.
Is the Fight to Swear a Noble Battle?Subscriber Access Only
With Derek Webb's announcement of a battle over his newest album, some may applaud his apparent stand for the right to swear. But is it really worth the fight?
Is Hollywood Anti-Catholic?Subscriber Access Only
Angels & Demons, Catholicism and the "Last Acceptable Prejudice"
Everyday with YouSubscriber Access Only
When the Stranger KnocksSubscriber Access Only
The influx of immigrants to the U.S. means a new mission field for churches, says World Relief's Jenny Hwang.
Rudo y CursiSubscriber Access Only
Ample talents largely squandered in Mexican soccer movie moonlighting as a moral fable
SoulWork: How to Handle the Next Pandemic
How to Handle the Next PandemicSubscriber Access Only
Christians at their best have an odd answer.
Star TrekSubscriber Access Only
The venerable sci-fi series has never been this flashy or exciting—or as uninterested in big ideas—as it is in this part sequel, part prequel, and part reboot.
Secular or Sacred?Subscriber Access Only
Or neither? We should stop trying to define a dividing line, because when it comes to music, it's all spiritual.
Ego, Super-Ego, & IdSubscriber Access Only
Why we've always found the Trek triumvirate of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy so, ahem, fascinating.
Q & A: 'Joe the Plumber'Subscriber Access Only
The man who became a metaphor for the average American in the 2008 election tells CT about his Christian faith and the future of the Republican Party.
Mobile No MoreSubscriber Access Only
How does the biblical storyline relate to America's all-time-low moving rate?
ObsessedSubscriber Access Only
A thriller about romantic fixation is deflated by an unconvincing antagonist but does try to raise worthwhile questions about marital integrity.
Commencement Speaker MaydaySubscriber Access Only
Also: What not to preach when renting and why Americans leave church.
The Limits of ControlSubscriber Access Only
Jim Jarmusch offers a confounding but beautiful look at meaning, language, and spirituality set in surrealist Spain, but it might test the limits of audience attention.
The Merry GentlemanSubscriber Access Only
A contract killer and an abused housewife strike up an unlikely friendship in a story of guilt, grace and everything that falls in between.
Battle for TerraSubscriber Access Only
An ambitious animated sci-fi parable, Battle for Terra has visual style to burn, but its politically correct tale of rapacious invaders and noble natives is less interesting than the world in which the story is set.

Top Story May 29, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.