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Volume 59, Number 4
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Table of Contents
With responses from a family doctor.
Attorney Jeanne Bishop has helped thousands of clients make amends for their crimes. Now she’s helping the man who killed her sister make amends for his.
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How the murder of her sister spurred Jeanne Bishop to grapple not only with Christian forgiveness but also with her vocation.
And everything else. How I learned he’s an all-or-nothing Lord.
The funny man, former Dave Ramsey team member, and self-development expert is on to his next gig.
Stopping Traffic
A snapshot of Christian witness in the world (as it appeared in our May issue).
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our May issue).
The Bible debate inside the bankrupt bookstore chain's searches for a new buyer.
Chinese Christians wrestle with rape allegation.
Does low lighting set a better mood, or mimic entertainment too much? Experts weigh in.
Biblical-era artifacts are one of Islamic State's top sources of funding.
The church is starving for honest witnesses to moral failure.
Three views.
How the paradox comforts us in our own pain.
The first acclaimed black artist shared the gospel without saying a word.
Why learning from those outside your tribe is essential to the church’s witness.
Rick Kennedy rewrites the reputation of a reviled Puritan leader.
From John Wilson, editor of 'Books and Culture.'
An excerpt from 'The Road to Character.'
Noel Castellanos reflects on a career ministering to outsiders.
How games with an empathetic twist are becoming a subgenre in the industry.
Compiled by Matt Reynolds
In Every Issue
Meet the Puritan who helped to eradicate smallpox.
Readers respond to the March issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
And the crucial role the Chinese church played.
Fixing the Fellowship Deficit in America’s Struggling Communities
Fixing the Fellowship Deficit in America’s Struggling Communities
Why collapsing cities and towns need something more than a better economy or a bigger government.