Making a Better Christianity Today: An Update
In March, we published on harassment reports at CT. Here are the steps we’ve taken since then.
The Science of Giving Thanks to God
A growing body of research backs the benefits of divine gratefulness, in good times and bad.
The Season’s Greeting Most Preferred for Happy Holidays? ‘Merry Christmas.’
Americans expected to send 1.6 billion cards this year, continuing Victorian-era tradition.
When the Best Bible-Reading Tool Made Bible Reading Worse
The unintended consequences of concordances offers a warning to Christians today.
Finding Common Ground in a Big Fish
Christian scholars look for ways to connect with Muslims over the shared story of Jonah.
Why Are We So Cynical About Peace on Earth?
Many evangelicals believe war is inevitable. But that shouldn’t stop us from praying for peace.
Cambodian Spies Were Watching Me. So Was Someone Else.
After escaping the Khmer Rouge with my siblings, I learned who had been protecting me all along.
From the Rise of the ‘Nones’ to the Indifference of the ‘Never Weres’
A sociologist observes the changing tides of American antireligion.
Who Do You Say He Is?
In her follow-up to “Confronting Christianity,” Rebecca McLaughlin helps us discover (or rediscover) all that Jesus is and does.
5 Books on Women in the Global Church
Chosen by Gina Zurlo, author of “Global Christianity: A Guide to the World’s Largest Religion from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.”
Everything You Need to Know About the Respect for Marriage Act
The law recently advanced by the US Senate doesn’t deny religious liberty to those who support traditional unions.
Trump Won’t Divide the Church This Time (and That’s Not Necessarily Good News)
Cynicism and cruelty are even worse than division.
A Requiem for the Twitter I Once Knew
The social media platform has birthed key movements and conversations. Here’s what I’ll miss if it dies or changes form.
For to Us a Child Is Born...
Daily devotional readings for Advent 2022.
Should We Cancel Luther and Calvin?
The Reformers believed in burning heretics. Making sense of that grave mistake means looking first at ourselves.
If You See Something Unjust, Say Something
The new Emmett Till film tells a story of racial apathy that still haunts the church today.
The Demise of Jerry Falwell Jr. Makes for Great Media Fodder
But how should Christians be engaging it?
3 Principles for Settling Political Spats in the Church
When we see civic engagement as a limited strategy rather than a source of moral identity, we’re better equipped to reach across the partisan aisle.
Loving God Means More Than Knowing about Him, but Not Less
Our hearts and souls can’t fulfill the Great Commandment without our minds.
Stop Praying for Persecuted Christians Only
We don’t demonstrate such exclusionary self-focus in other ministry spheres. Opening our aperture is biblical and aids our advocacy.

Top Story February 2, 2023

Wang Yi: The Faithfully Disobedient Chinese Pastor
Wang Yi: The Faithfully Disobedient Chinese Pastor
A new book records the reflections on church and state in China by the imprisoned pastor and other house church leaders.

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