January (Web-only) 2009

Faith-Filled Super Bowl?Subscriber Access Only
Which ad was rejected by NBC? What did President Obama drop from the stimulus bill? And other questions from this week's news.
The UninvitedSubscriber Access Only
The latest American remake of an Asian thriller is modestly suspenseful and entertaining, even if a few things are lost in translation. Not bad, but not as good as it could've been.
New in TownSubscriber Access Only
Harry Connick Jr. and Renée Zellweger are the stars in this rom-com, but a supporting actress who plays a devout—and very real—Christian steals the show.
TakenSubscriber Access Only
Liam Neeson takes on an uncharacteristically action-driven role in a dark, violent, vengeance-ridden thriller about human trafficking, from producer Luc Besson.
Ted Haggard's FacebookSubscriber Access Only
A former New Life Church staffer watches the documentary.
I'm Not Tammy Faye!Subscriber Access Only
Siobhan Fallon Hogan is tired of Hollywood portraying Christian women like "either Tammy Faye Baker or jerks." That's not the case for her role in New in Town.
Haggard 'Deserves What He Got'Subscriber Access Only
So says Alexandra Pelosi, whose documentary about Haggard airs on HBO this week. But she also sees a man who has worked through his pain—thanks to the Bible.
The 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2008Subscriber Access Only
What do irresistible robots, racist curmudgeons, and sensitive pachyderms have in common? They're all key characters in the year's best redemptive movies.
Michael Gerson: Obama's Speech Rhetorically Flat, but Ideologically InterestingSubscriber Access Only
A former presidential speechwriter examines President Obama's inaugural address.
Joel Hunter Leads Blessing for ObamaSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical megachurch pastor reflects on the inauguration and gives a few predictions.
It's Never Been about the Abstinence Pledge ItselfSubscriber Access Only
Researchers should ask what causes teens to abstain, not whether a public vow is a magic bullet.
Praying for the New PresidentSubscriber Access Only
How closely were you paying attention during Inauguration Week?
How to Out-Jesus Rick WarrenSubscriber Access Only
Praying in Jesus' name in 22 languages.
The Post-Neuhaus Future of Evangelicals and Catholics TogetherSubscriber Access Only
Charles Colson says the convert to Catholicism helped break down the most important barrier.
InkheartSubscriber Access Only
Cartoon: After the Atheist Bus AdsSubscriber Access Only
The Strong, Silent TypeSubscriber Access Only
D. W. Griffith's films—including many silent pictures—often reflected his Christian upbringing and belief in the social gospel.
BluebirdSubscriber Access Only
Best New Artists of 2008Subscriber Access Only
Twelve newcomers whose debut albums left a lasting impression on us, and who we'll look forward to hearing for years to come.
What Washington Swore BySubscriber Access Only
Do pastors die young? Who would Jesus smack down, anyway? And who's avoiding a too-Christian prayer?
Hotel for DogsSubscriber Access Only
An Unlikely Gay-Straight AllianceSubscriber Access Only
Campus Crusade launches HIV/AIDS outreach with campus gay-lesbian group.
Love LettersSubscriber Access Only
Driscoll and Breshears explore the many-splendored atonement in Death By Love.
Richard John Neuhaus: Witness to TruthSubscriber Access Only
A First Things junior fellow remembers the man whose life was spent 'witnessing to the truth.'
First Things Founder Richard John Neuhaus Dies at 72Subscriber Access Only
The Catholic theologian also co-founded Evangelicals and Catholics Together.
Would You Like a Devotional Twitter with That?Subscriber Access Only
What hot item is Saddleback Church handing out? And speaking of hot, what new churches are booming in Texas?
Cartoon of the MonthSubscriber Access Only
Bride WarsSubscriber Access Only
CheSubscriber Access Only
In Meltdown, Hints of GraceSubscriber Access Only
The odd effects the economy is having on families.
'Leaving Isn't the Answer'Subscriber Access Only
Why the pastor of the largest Episcopalian congregation is staying put in a 'very sick' church.
Making Marriage WorkSubscriber Access Only
In the new film Not Easily Broken—based on the T.D. Jakes novel—actor Morris Chestnut plays a man facing the choice of whether to keep his vows.
Disney Dares to DumpSubscriber Access Only
What happens when a teenager makes a premarital abstinence pledge, Obama's pew habits, and other questions from this week's news.
Recession and Religiosity ReduxSubscriber Access Only
Do evangelical churches see more members during a recession?
Audience of OneSubscriber Access Only
Fiction FamilySubscriber Access Only

Top Story May 24, 2020

‘Free in Christ’ to Defy State Closures? Latino Churches Offer Insight.
‘Free in Christ’ to Defy State Closures? Latino Churches Offer Insight.
Our churches are essential, but whether it is critical to gather is another question.