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July 2011
Volume 55, Number 7
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The CT archives are a rich treasure of biblical wisdom and insight from our past. Some things we would say differently today, and some stances we've changed. But overall, we're amazed at how relevant so much of this content is. We trust that you'll find it a helpful resource.
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Cover Story

Refocusing on the Family
Like many evangelical organizations that were built in the past 50 years, Focus on the Family is attempting to thrive—and survive—past its founder.


Dobson's New Show
Focus on the Family isn’t the only Colorado Springs organization preparing for its future after James Dobson.
India's Grassroots Revival
With its people turning to Christ in waves, India hosts more believers now than at any time in its 4,000-year history.
Q & A: Bishop Kallistos Ware
The metropolitan archbishop of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the U.K. on evangelism, evangelicals, and the Orthodox Church.
The Paul We Think We Know
How his 21st-century evangelical makeover distorts the New Testament reality.
Jesus: Democratic King
Our most cherished democratic values are grounded in Jesus' sovereign authority.
Back to the Garden
Row by row, urban Christians learn to bear literal and spiritual fruit.


Editorial: Harold Camping Is (Sort of) Right
Jesus will put an end to this earth—but that is not the end of the story.
Readers Write
Responses to the May issue of CT.
Intervening with Dying Family
Christian thinkers weigh in on whether family or friends should intervene if a terminally ill Christian decides against life-extending treatment.
The Power and the Glamour
Searching for Beauty amid Hollywood's beautiful people.
A Second-Coming Christian
The 'blessed hope' was the linchpin of my father's faith.


Harry Potter Is Here to Stay
Why the final movie is only the beginning of the Harry Potter phenomenon.
Review: The Social Animal
Brooks's portrait of human flourishing lacks the essential elements of rescue and redemption.
My Top 5 Books On Heaven
Picks from Paul Enns, author of 'Heaven Revealed'
Picturing Paradise: A Review of 'Heaven in the American Imagination'
How conditions on earth shape our views of the afterlife.
God Behaving Badly
Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist?
Joy in the Midst of Terror
How Andrew White's Baghdad congregation brings God's love to a war-torn land.
Books to Note
Short reviews of 'Heaven Revealed,' 'Rediscovering the Church Fathers,' 'Orphanology,' 'Our Triune God,' and 'Perspectives on Tithing.'


YouVersion's Volunteer Army
With more than 22 million users on mobile platforms, and millions more on its website, it has unusual success in creating a massive participatory system like Wikipedia or YouTube.
Go Figure
Recent stats on prayer, family life, and the country’s moral values.
Quotation Marks
Recent comments from Oprah Winfrey, Jim Wallis, and others that have stirred the pot.
Multi-Site Churches Go Interstate
Megachurches expand across state lines.
Renewal Groups Strategize after the PC(USA) Drops Celibacy Clause for Gay Clergy
Churches discuss future paths since the votes came in for the Presbyterian Church(USA) to open the door to ordaining non-celibate homosexuals.
Ministerial Murkiness: Biggest Religion Case in 20 Years?
Supreme Court hears arguments today on whether fired teacher is a religious employee.
Deaths, elections, and appointments in the church and in the world.
Youth Movement: Finns Seek Renewal
Lutheran leaders want to push out young conservatives.
Should Marital Infidelity Disqualify a Candidate from Office?
Observers weigh in on questions related to the 2012 election.
Syria's Christians Back Assad
Church leaders say the embattled president should stay on.
A Liberating Woman
Catherine Clark Kroeger championed women’s equality without budging on scriptural authority.

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A Change of Focus
What a beauty pageant story revealed about a ministry.
Who's Next: Jon Tyson
Jon Tyson plants neighborhood churches in New York City.