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Should Hymns Keep the Theology of Their Writers? Subscriber access only
Experts weighed in.
John Piper Changed ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness.’ Experts Weigh In.
Reformed tweaks to Methodist hit raise the question: Should hymns keep the theological orientation of their authors?
Meet the World Cup Stars Who Love Jesus
These athletes aren’t quiet about using their global platforms to share their faith.
The Truth about Suicide
More and more Americans are taking their own lives. How the church can step up.
A Deeper Debate over Drums in Church Subscriber access only
Native Christians still wrestle with how their culture fits into their churches.
Why Africa Needed Its Own Study Bible Subscriber access only
And why Americans might want one too.
Does Your Church Talk About Prison? Subscriber access only
The disparities in America's criminal justice system find an echo in which churches do, and don't, discuss the issue.
Adding Criminal Justice Reform to Prison Ministry Subscriber access only
Churches and ministries are becoming increasingly involved in prison reform.
How Churches Change the Equation for Life After Prison Subscriber access only
One of the hardest days of incarceration may be the day it ends. The church can be there to make a difference.
Meet the Rio Olympians Who Put God Before Gold
A glimpse of inspiration and testimony from some of Team USA’s Christian athletes.
What Do You Preach After a Week Like This?
Reactions from 10 pastors close to the recent shootings in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Falcon Heights.
NGO No-Go: More Countries Make Christian Charity Harder to Give and Receive Subscriber access only
China's restrictions on foreign NGOs are the latest in a concerning trend.
Scripture as Spam: What 5 Experts Think About Twitter Bible Bots Subscriber access only
Does it matter that Twitter bots circulate vastly more Bible verses than real pastors?
Should Churches Stop Singing the Songs of Fallen Worship Leaders? Subscriber access only
Experts weigh in.
Should We Update Old Hymns to Address Modern Themes? Subscriber access only
Experts weigh in.
Should More US Churches Host Mandarin-Language Services? Subscriber access only
China has overtaken Mexico as the No. 1 sender of legal immigrants to America.
How Pakistani Christians Fleeing Persecution Get Tied Up in Thailand Subscriber access only
Churches fall victim to their own successful welcome of Pakistani refugees.
The Data Don’t Lie: Couples That Pray Together Actually Do Stay Together Subscriber access only
And other key findings from new major research on minority US families.
How 11 Pastors Preach Politics (Or Don't) Subscriber access only
We asked 11 pastors about the last time they preached about politics and why.
On Dying and Reckoning with the Prosperity Gospel Subscriber access only
How church historian Kate Bowler's cancer diagnosis brought her face-to-face with the beauty and terror of the popular movement.