April (Web-only) 2009

X-Men Origins: WolverineSubscriber Access Only
The summer movie season kicks off with a merely serviceable prequel to the X-Men franchise, recounting the tragic back-story of everyone's favorite claw-wielding mutant.
Q & A: Francis CollinsSubscriber Access Only
The former director of the Human Genome Project hopes to show compatibility between Christianity and science.
Hispanic Groups Divided over 2010 CensusSubscriber Access Only
One group is urging a boycott while another group says Latinos should take part in the census.
Artist Profile: Anna KocherSubscriber Access Only
The Philadelphia painter finds 'gritty physicality' in motherhood and in faith.
Humans in Creation: Another ViewSubscriber Access Only
Nature's enduring value is not in what it can provide us.
Elizabeth Lev Defends Mom's Decision to Turn Down Notre DameSubscriber Access Only
She may be a bit biased, but her response is still spot-on.
What's in a Label?: Brash MusicSubscriber Access Only
The home of Aaron Shust and Chris Sligh lives up to its name with a bold way of doing business—and a few brash words for the "greed and backstabbing" in Christian music.
Dam Yangtze!Subscriber Access Only
Two films chronicle China's endeavor to flood entire cultures via the "progress" of building the world's largest dam.
Going Undercover to Expose Planned ParenthoodSubscriber Access Only
Lila Rose's pro-life activism may be breaking state privacy laws. But does it matter?
A Campaign for (Kind of) Real BeautySubscriber Access Only
"Real" fashion models may present as many problems as their hyper-stylized counterparts.
A Bearded LadySubscriber Access Only
What names did a pastor use on a singles' site? Why did Saddleback recently apologize? How much do you know about this week's news?
Obama Uses Sermon on the Mount to Elevate SpeechesSubscriber Access Only
The president has used the mountainside sermon several times in recent years to explain policy.
Is Anybody There?Subscriber Access Only
A sentimental comedy asks some hard questions about the afterlife in this story of an unlikely friendship between an old man and a young boy.
The SoloistSubscriber Access Only
What could have been pure schmaltz and formula is instead a masterful film about friendship, grace, and humility.
The Other Miss California ControversySubscriber Access Only
Carrie Prejean might have stood up for Christian sexual ethics by skipping the Miss USA pageant altogether.
Lynne Hybels: Beware! Dangerous WomenSubscriber Access Only
They might just step up and do something.
Some Preachers, Long Gone, Keep Preaching from Beyond the GraveSubscriber Access Only
Pastors' messages continue through TV, radio, and the Internet, even as some listeners probably don't even know they're gone.
Promise Keepers Invites Women to 2009 GatheringSubscriber Access Only
EarthSubscriber Access Only
Glorious nature cinematography tracks three animal families over the course of a year—and the whole film points to the beauty and wonder of Creation.
Kay Warren: Puppies Aren't PeopleSubscriber Access Only
When compassion for animals goes too far.
Stars, Family Remember 'Pop' WinansSubscriber Access Only
More than 100 family members pay last respects to the late gospel patriarch. PLUS: Stryper reunites for album, tour; Sara Groves on Capitol Hill; and more.
Dog Days of SummerSubscriber Access Only
An unforgettable summer brings a young boy a memorable glimpse of hypocrisy and sin that will change him forever ... but the movie's not all that great.
Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Children?Subscriber Access Only
Questions linger as last of Nadya Suleman's octuplets heads home.
Blog Comments and Christian CourtesySubscriber Access Only
Some otherwise loving believers could use a remedial course in table manners.
Goodbye CharitySubscriber Access Only
Churches and charitable institutions provide services that some politicians feel belong to the federal government.
Death By DeismSubscriber Access Only
No merely civil religion alone can sustain a free republic.
An Apologetic for InkSubscriber Access Only
Why I got a second tattoo after the first one was a complete mess.
Re: Evangelical Women in Public LifeSubscriber Access Only
Q & A: Newt GingrichSubscriber Access Only
The former Speaker of the House speaks to CT about the future of the Republican Party and his conversion to Catholicism.
But God Wants Me Wrinkle-Free!Subscriber Access Only
What is a New York City pastor accused of stealing church funds for? How much did the Obamas give to faith-based groups? How much do you think you know about this week's news?
Cal Thomas, 25 Years of Columns LaterSubscriber Access Only
After 2,600 columns and 11 books, the syndicated columnist shares his 'wit and wisdom.'
American VioletSubscriber Access Only
The war on drugs gets personal in this harrowing true story of a young mother forced to choose between her family and her principles.
17 AgainSubscriber Access Only
Zac Efron turns in a decent performance as a man who time travels back to his teens with a second shot at life, only to realize that his first shot was just fine after all.
State of PlaySubscriber Access Only
Pulse-pounding intrigue abounds in this thriller about a team of reporters who set out to solve the murder of a congressman's mistress and uncover a political conspiracy.
Why Do We Love Susan Boyle?Subscriber Access Only
MIA: Evangelical Women in Public LifeSubscriber Access Only
Are there really none?
Soulwork: Happiness Is Not Hope
Happiness Is Not HopeSubscriber Access Only
How Easter Sunday can become the unhealthy denial of death.
Test Tube EthicsSubscriber Access Only
Some couples pay the hefty price of storing frozen embryos, despite increasing pressure to donate them for scientific research.
Strip-Searched Girl Heads to Supreme CourtSubscriber Access Only
Injustice ExposedSubscriber Access Only
Arrested for crimes she didn't commit, Regina Kelly fought for her rights—and won. Here's her story, also told in a drama releasing to theaters this week.
The Secret Life of BeekeepersSubscriber Access Only
Beekeeping reminds me of the many tasks before me—and my dependence on others.
Let The Road Pave ItselfSubscriber Access Only
A Person & A Heart and With, To, FromSubscriber Access Only
Finger of God
Finger of GodSubscriber Access Only
It's up to the viewer of 'Finger of God' to determine whose they are.
Iowa Churches: We Need to Be Clear on Same-Sex MarriageSubscriber Access Only
But pastors disagree whether last week's court decision should mean more activism on the issue.
CDs on The List
CDs on The ListSubscriber Access Only
Short reviews of new albums by Sarah Brendel, Heather Headley, and Judd & Maggie.
Miller, Buddy & Julie
Written In ChalkSubscriber Access Only
On their first album in 8 years, Buddy and Julie are brilliant.
Bible Translated into LOLcatSubscriber Access Only
'We're Not Actually Advancing Religious Freedom'Subscriber Access Only
Thomas Farr says it's time for policies that actually improve liberty around the world.
Breast-feed, If You Can Afford ToSubscriber Access Only
Hannah Montana The MovieSubscriber Access Only
The smash Disney sitcom about an American teen and her pop star alter ego gets the big screen treatment, with tween-pleasing results.
Holy Week EditionSubscriber Access Only
Christian atheists, Saddleback's busy Easter, and more.
Christ Is Risen — Run Away!Subscriber Access Only
Why we don't always want to meet the resurrected Lord.
Easter, UneditedSubscriber Access Only
N. T. Wright says the Gospels' Resurrection accounts are odd because they are fresh.
Christians Urge Obama to Keep Conscience ClauseSubscriber Access Only
Today is the last day for arguments supporting medical workers' right to refuse to provide care that violates their conscience.
'I'm Gonna Make Mistakes'Subscriber Access Only
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, a Christian, embraces the idea of being a role model while also admitting she's flawed.
Q & A: Rick WarrenSubscriber Access Only
The megachurch pastor who faced backlash for praying at the President's inauguration talks to CT about politics, a new magazine, and the economy.
Marital Rape Law Reconsidered in AfghanistanSubscriber Access Only
President Hamid Karzai agreed to review the law after outcries from Western agencies.
Beyond the CreekSubscriber Access Only
Sara Watkins goes solo while her old band, Nickel Creek, goes on hiatus.
Faith Like PotatoesSubscriber Access Only
When a farmer gives his life to Christ, he finds not only transformation but a new direction, becoming the "South African Billy Graham."
The Empty Tomb and the Emptied UrnSubscriber Access Only
What the wounds of Jesus can — and can't — tell us about our resurrection bodies.
TV's Women of FaithSubscriber Access Only
The medium has a long way to go in its portrayal of both women and Christians, but ABC's Lost may be a promising start.
When Hope Feels Like a Fool's ErrandSubscriber Access Only
What the Cross and Resurrection teach us about forgiveness.
Deciphering a Religion Journalist's DeconversionSubscriber Access Only
William Lobdell's rejection of faith seems less examined than his own reporting for the Los Angeles Times.
Your Responses: AIDS in UgandaSubscriber Access Only
Part Two of 'Meanwhile, What about the Women and Children?'
Many Americans Still Think Obama Is a MuslimSubscriber Access Only
Do you know how many think so? Test your knowledge of the week's religion news.
The Oregon TrailSubscriber Access Only
A chapter from Through Painted Deserts.

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