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March 2009
Volume 53, Number 3
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Table of Contents
It's up to the viewer of 'Finger of God' to determine whose they are.
Christian publishers struck the right chord in 2008.
Baader-Meinhof, One Square Inch of Silence, and Wrestling with God.
These authors don't flinch from sin's depth — or grace's power.
In my desire to be 'seeker-friendly,' I'm often guilty of concealing Jesus.
Andrew Bird's latest explores what it means to be human.
The untold success story of Willow Creek in Africa.
Best books to read before Easter.
The anguish of working for those who suffer for their faith.
The man who is the voice of God and the incarnation of Screwtape.
The wisdom of becoming deeply rooted in one community.
Philip Jenkins says we need a theology of church extinction.
Get into the Saint Patrick's Day mood with an eclectic selection of websites concerning all things Irish.
Why Peter Singer makes the New Atheists nervous.
Goodbye to Pete Hammond and Ignite Your Faith.
The current proposals to lower the abortion rate will only make things worse.
What would John Calvin say to Dick Cheney?
Richard John Neuhaus helped inspire a generation of evangelicals to participate boldly in the public square.
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
How local churches can handle — and prevent — depression.
Why we're more down than ever—and the crucial role churches play in healing.
Three questions to ask—five ways to respond.
They helped, at least in the beginning.
Our theology makes all the difference in fighting depression.
The meaning of the election; the work yet to be done.
Get the numbers on homeschoolers, church conflict, and religion's influence.
An association accused two Christian colleges of violating academic freedom, India's Supreme Court promotes religious liberty, and other news in brief.
Your responses to the January 2009 issue of Christianity Today.
Missionaries' imprisonment shows the security risks of support e-mails.
Recent appointments, deaths, and transitions in the Christian world.
Christian health workers just want to follow their religious beliefs.
Physician-assisted suicide is spreading beyond Oregon's borders.
Recession leads evangelistic ministries to shift to lower-cost methods.
Authorities order Yangon churches to stop meeting.
Recent remarks on mouthy pro-life people, forcing students to contemplate religion, and other news developments.
Reconciliation work goes on despite worst violence since 1967.
Top Story July 19, 2018
Unfriending Convenience
Unfriending Convenience
Why Christians are called to inefficiency in an age of easy living.