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April 2011
Volume 55, Number 4
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Cover Story

Cover: Proselytizing in a Multi-Faith World
Why mutual respect and tolerance require us to witness for Christ.


Two Peoples Separated by a Common Revelation
What I've learned from dialogue with Jews.
A Beautiful Anger
The same holy hands that punish the wicked pull the righteous to safety.
God of the Schizophrenic
Rediscovering my faith amid the ravages of mental illness.


Readers Write
What you thought of the February 2011 issue of Christianity Today.
An Everyday Scandal
The slaughter of the unborn needs no hidden cameras for condemnation.
Arends: Going Down Singing
Going down singing: Why we should remember that we will die.
Colson/George on an Alliance
Catholics and evangelicals used to fight over religious liberty. Not anymore.


Review: Rob Bell’s 'Love Wins'
The controversial pastor raises crucial questions, but offers answers that may sabotage his goals.
Flowers of the Son
'Flowers of the Son' follows Jews for Jesus in the Holy Land.
Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?
Our ability to live together in peace, argues theologian Miroslav Volf, depends on how we answer the question.
Why We Love Amish Romances
In our brave, liberated new world, more American evangelical readers are seeking freedom in the Old Order.
What Christian Novel Should Be Made Film?
Observers discuss the next Christian novel that could be adapted for the screen.
My Top 5 Books On Poverty
Picks from Brian Fikkert, co-author of 'When Helping Hurts.'
The Gods of the Checkout Aisle
Understanding the parareligion of celebrity culture. A review of 'Gods Behaving Badly.'
Counterfeit Gospels
Rediscovering the good news in a world of false hope.
Wilson's Bookmarks
Brief Reviews of 'The Age of Doubt,' 'Dilemmas and Connections,' and 'The Troubled Man.'
Evangelism as Sacrament
Velcroed to a high-felt need: Jerry Root says evangelism is seeing how God is already working in someone's life.
Books to Note
Short reviews of recent books worth considering.


What's a Congregation Worth?
A look at whether a congregation adds economic value to its community.
Go Figure
Numerous recent stats on martyrdom, church discipline, theology, and other topics.
Quotation Marks
Tim Keller's Manhattan, Benny Hinn's lawsuit, and Christians as 'institutionalized oppressions.'
Exit Visa: Iraqi Christians Look for Safe Haven
Iraqis struggle to find refuge in Europe.
Sweat Lodge Prayers
Native Christians wrestle with faith and tradition.
Thanksgiving Question Nearly Deports Tortured Christian
An immigration judge was distressed that 'Li claimed that Thanksgiving was a Christian holiday.'
Rehab Revival: Evangelism Among Addicts Seeing Success
Efforts bear a mixed public blessing.
Should Congress Change Pastors' Housing Allowances?
The current tax code excludes the rental value of a home from pastors' taxable income.
Pushing Back the Desert
'Give us this day our daily bread' is both a prayer and a project for Christians living in one of the world's poorest countries.
Tough Calling in Africa
Two doctors who would rather serve where surgical equipment is dated and wards are overflowing.

More from this Issue

Multi-Faith Matters
Interfaith meetings remind us of the Good News.
Who's Next: Amena Brown
Faith stirs the spoken word poetry.