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Israel Orders Christian TV Channel to Stop Broadcasting
GOD TV argues application for new Shelanu channel in Hebrew was forthright, decries decision as political.
Will International Religious Freedom Survive the Trump Administration?
The president’s executive order elevates its priority in US foreign policy. Nine experts assess the strategy’s longevity.
Can Hagia Sophia Become a Mosque? Turkish Court Will Soon Decide
Armenian patriarch surprisingly backs President Erdoğan’s position, asking also for Christian prayer at famous former church.
Do Catholics Care about Persecuted Christians?
As American bishops dedicate this week to religious freedom, including for Muslims in China, polls suggest a cresting of support for the church in need.
Middle East Christians Grapple with Apocalyptic Pandemic
COVID-19 offers eschatology experts opportunity to refine public understanding of what Revelation teaches.
Trapped in Lebanon, Sudanese Students Find Refuge at Seminary
For international students, COVID-19 has created an educated, isolated, displaced community.
Vulnerable Gulf Migrants Offered ‘God’s Karuna’ in Bible Society Outreach
In prayer, aid, and employment, Christian ministries struggle to adapt to the new coronavirus norms.
GOD TV Dispute Has Israel Talking About Messianic Jews
Christian broadcaster's expansion into Hebrew cable channel may be short-lived, but raises profile of followers of Yeshua.
Meet the ‘Gang Pastor’ Behind Cape Town’s Viral Coronavirus Cooperation
Australian banker turned South Africa missionary explains what making the international news and Trevor Noah means for ministry.
Why We Opened a Christian University in Iraq Amid ISIS’ Genocide
CT interviews Stephen Rasche on Erbil’s Catholic presence, the need for Christian unity, and why Christians will “no longer be shy” with the gospel.
Report: ‘Tremendous Progress’ Ahead for Religious Freedom Worldwide
USCIRF chair Tony Perkins gives CT a behind-the-scenes look at today’s annual report on “systematic, ongoing, and egregious” violations.
Cleared of Landmines for Easter, Jesus’ Baptism Site Now Closed by COVID-19
Chain reaction explosions clear path to the churches on Israel’s side of John the Baptist’s Jordan River ministry.
Arab Christians Have Lost Easter Before. Here’s What They Learned.
Whether COVID-19 or ISIS, believers from Iraq, Syria, and Egypt know “neither plague nor persecution can snuff out the church of Christ.”
Iran Releases a Third of Christian Prisoners Due to Coronavirus Concerns
As COVID-19 halts Nowruz, satellite network encourages Iranian believers to know and assert their rights.
Nigeria’s Government Agrees: Islamist Terrorists Target Christians
The goal of Boko Haram and ISWAP is “to divide Christian brother against Muslim brother,” Buhari administration tells CT.
Closing the Bible Gap in the Gulf
One of the world’s best Bible projects serves illiterate Indian migrants in the labor camps of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and beyond.
Religious Freedom Comes to Europe’s Second-Newest Nation. But Christians Are Concerned.
Montenegro’s Orthodox and evangelicals debate if new religion law is a blessing or a church-stealing curse.
All Across Nigeria, Christians Marched Sunday to Protest Persecution
(UPDATED) RCCG’s Enoch Adeboye participates, President Buhari disputes Christian Association of Nigeria rallies in 28 states.
13 Christian Takes on Trump’s Peace Plan for Israel and Palestine
(UPDATED) Evangelicals in Middle East and US debate if “Deal of the Century” is “generous” or “extreme.”
Soleimani’s Death Doesn’t End Iran’s Influence on Middle East Christians
In Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, can believers offer Shiites better support than the assassinated military leader?