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Iranian Christians Contemplate God’s Justice after President’s Death in Crash
Believers in the diaspora reference Daniel and the “writing on the wall” as many mull if helicopter accident portends more changes to come.
Forgotten War: Sudan’s Displaced Christians Brace for ‘World’s Worst’ Hunger Crisis
Interview with leader of new evangelical alliance describes his escape from Khartoum and the pressure to pick a side.
More Porridge? Senegal Protestants Debate Exchanging Holiday Foods with Muslims
Ngalakh combines baobab fruit and peanuts to end Easter in West African nation, reciprocated by the sharing of meat breaking Ramadan’s fast.
Maamoul: The Easter Sweet Loved by Muslims, Christians, and Jews
Experts debate the origin of the date- or nut-filled pastry, but Middle Eastern believers love the taste and the Good Friday symbolism in its shapes.
After Terrorists Kill 130, Russian Evangelicals Resist Revenge
As Moscow and Kyiv trade insinuations over concert hall killing claimed by ISIS affiliate, Christian leaders focus on compassion and forgiveness instead of blame.
Who Restricts Religion More, Politicians or the People? Pew Crunched the Global Data.
Annual report grades 198 nations and territories, with 9 in 10 harassing believing communities. China and Nigeria score the worst.
‘Dune’ Centers Islamic Imagery. These Muslim-World Novels Center Christ.
Drawing from their long experience in the Islamic world, evangelical novelists pen fiction to help Muslims and Americans better see Jesus.
Petra Means Rock Churches: Jordan Permits Site’s First Prayers in 1,400 Years
Religious tourism initiative at ancient city recalls Moab, Byzantium, and Arab tribal Christianity, amid speculation on Paul’s possible first missionary journey.
Report: Iran Arrested 166 Christians in 2023, Targeting Bible Distributors
Four watchdog groups unite to urge UK parliament to hold Tehran accountable for “faceless victims” of Islamic reeducation and other religious freedom violations.
Meet the Iranian Christians Crafting an Evangelical Alliance
Introducing 11 of the dozens of diaspora ministries working to unite one of the world’s fastest-growing gospel movements.
Tucker Carlson Interviewed Putin. Ukraine’s Evangelicals Explain More.
Following the former Fox News host’s attempt to probe the Russian president’s religious mindset, CT highlights the accumulated perspectives of local Christian leaders since the war began.
Russia Restricts Churches in Ukraine. Divided Orthodox Critique Both.
Ecumenical Ukrainian delegation to DC summit tells of Russia’s wartime destruction of 630 religious sites, without the input of Moscow-linked church.
Church Attack Leaves Turkish Christians Troubled and Confused
Many believers were already avoiding fellowship after warning by ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the killing at a Catholic congregation in Istanbul.
Iranians Gain 12 New Ways to Read the Bible
Marginalized minority groups receive New Testament translations. “If Jesus delays his return, they will say: Christians preserved our culture.”
Report: Support for Religious Freedom Rebounds in America
The fifth annual index by a leading law firm finds that friendship is key to maintaining gains amid polarization and the shifting emphasis of Gen Z.
The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2024
Latest report on Christian persecution chronicles the rising danger of Islamic militants and autocratic regimes, from Nigeria to Nicaragua.
The Middle East’s Favorite Christmas Carol Is About War and Hate
Traditional melody suggests it is only when Christians realize the holiday comes with “hard realities” that the spirit of Nativity dwells in their hearts.
Azerbaijan Added to US List of Religious Freedom Offenders
Is the Islamic nation’s inclusion—the State Department's only change this year—driven by its treatment of Christians, Muslims, or ethnic Armenians displaced from the Artsakh enclave?
Christmas Massacres Challenge Secular Explanations of Nigeria Conflict
Religious animosity mixed with farmer-herder tensions continue to plague Christians in beleaguered Middle Belt region.
Ukraine’s Top 10 Bible Verses
Leaders reflect on what YouVersion’s list of the most-shared Scriptures in their nation includes—and misses.