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Exodus, Judges, or Nehemiah: Lebanon’s Evangelicals Assess Surprising Election Victory
Amid a rapidly collapsing nation, Christians hope surge of new politicians opposed to traditional sectarian parties will follow biblical parallels.
What Is Antisemitism? Evangelicals Favor Different Definitions
European Evangelical Alliance becomes latest Christian group to sign onto IHRA working definition. Others favor Jerusalem Declaration alternative.
Photos Show Ukraine’s Bible Belt Struck Down But Not Destroyed
After Russia’s withdrawal from Kyiv suburbs, Irpin evangelical ministries emulate the scattered yet persevering church from Acts 8.
How Russian Christians View the ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine
Torn between “pro-Putin” and “pro-prayer,” only a minority have spoken out publicly against the invasion. Ukrainian seminary leaders call for repentance.
Parsing Pacifism: Ukraine’s Mennonite Heritage Shapes Evangelical Responses to Russia
Anabaptists shaped the Slavic revival. The Sermon on the Mount encouraged endurance under Soviet persecution. But how does nonviolence work in a war?
Bucha Evangelical Leader Sees Russian Atrocities, Looks for God’s Hand
His home looted by retreating soldiers, Ukrainian seminary president Ivan Rusyn describes the spiritual impact of Christians serving amid death and devastation.
Despite Drop in Deportations, Turkey Still Troubles Christians
Hate speech rises as evangelicals grow more prominent on social media, amid ongoing difficulties to train pastors and register churches.
Azerbaijan’s Churches Explain Their Evangelism
Many evangelicals celebrate their freedom of religion in the Muslim-majority nation. Orthodox and Catholics urge: Go slow.
After War, Can Armenia’s Evangelicals and Orthodox Save Their Nation Together?
Some evangelicals thank Apostolic church for preserving their nation amid trials. Some priests fear Protestant newcomers will divide it.
What Ukraine’s Evangelical Women Want Known About Russia’s War
From preparing food to making Molotov cocktails, Christian women contribute to resistance, while some fear the divide between those who stayed and those who fled.
Azerbaijan Adds Fuel to Armenian Concerns in Karabakh
With Russian peacekeepers distracted by war, Armenian activists, clergy, and officials debate how best to secure ancient churches and human rights in Artsakh.
Is It ‘Christian’ for Europe to Welcome Refugees from Ukraine but Not Syria?
Middle Eastern and European evangelicals assess the vastly different continental response and the Bible’s teachings toward the stranger.
Who Is My Neighbor? For Christians in the Balkans, the Answer Might be Troll Farms.
Amid memes targeting Americans, social media ministries witness to the truth.
Ukraine’s Evangelical Seminaries Plead for Help
“How much longer, Lord?” and “God, break the bones of my enemy” now equal hallelujahs as leaders ask for advocacy and assistance, lamenting the silence by Russian Christians.
Amid Cascade of Coups, African Christians Debate Civic Duty
Concentrated lately in the impoverished and jihadist-plagued Sahel, military overthrows disturb democratic development. Do they equally disturb believers?
Russian Evangelical Leader Apologizes to Ukrainian Christians
Carefully worded statement expresses solidarity with fellow believers and “bitterness and regret” over Russian “military invasion.”
The Wartime Prayers of Ukraine’s Evangelicals
Local Christian leaders invite readers to share in their ministries, Bible meditations, and personal struggles amid Russia’s invasion.
Do Russian Christians Need More Bonhoeffers?
European evangelical leaders discuss how membership in the body of Christ should guide believers when their nations are at war.
Ministries Evacuate as Russians Reach Irpin, the Evangelical Hub of Ukraine
Churches in the “Wheaton of Ukraine,” a suburb of Kyiv, help residents escape war as one member gives his life to save a fleeing family.
Hundreds of Russian Pastors Oppose War in Ukraine
(UPDATED) Ukrainian evangelicals demand more Bonhoeffers, as Russian evangelicals debate whether public protest under Putin can achieve more than prayer.