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Winter : Declutter

Volume 37

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In this Issue

From The Editor

It’s Complicated
It’s ComplicatedSubscriber Access Only
Choosing the best over the merely good


When Rest Is the Only Solution
When Rest Is the Only Solution
In ministry there’s always more work to do. That’s why it’s essential to stop.
How Does Your Week Look?
How Does Your Week Look?Subscriber Access Only
5 pastors share how they structure their schedules.
Time to Clean House?
Time to Clean House?Subscriber Access Only
5 steps to unclutter your ministry
The Barnacles of Life
The Barnacles of LifeSubscriber Access Only
What Dallas Willard taught me about living the Jesus way in ministry.


The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill
The Painful Lessons of Mars HillSubscriber Access Only
What can we learn from the collapse of Mark Driscoll's church?
If Jesus Had a Smartphone
If Jesus Had a SmartphoneSubscriber Access Only
Making disciples after the revolution.
The Freedom of Simple
The Freedom of SimpleSubscriber Access Only
And vocations beyond ‘ministries.’
Forgotten Kingdom?
Forgotten Kingdom?Subscriber Access Only
And other items of interest from ministry and culture.


What to Say at an Awkward Funeral?
What to Say at an Awkward Funeral?Subscriber Access Only
A case study in leadership discernment: How to eulogize one whose spiritual condition is doubtful at best.
The Leadership Journal Book Awards
The Leadership Journal Book AwardsSubscriber Access Only
Here are the year’s best books for church leaders.
Toss the Old Sweater
Toss the Old SweaterSubscriber Access Only
Ministry, like a closet, can be too full.
Sketchnote Preaching
Sketchnote PreachingSubscriber Access Only
And other innovative practices from around the ministry world.
Interruption or Divine Appointment?
Interruption or Divine Appointment?Subscriber Access Only
Knowing the difference has more to do with your soul than your schedule.


4 Streams of Wisdom
4 Streams of Wisdom Subscriber Access Only
Where to look when you need it most.
My Pathology: Saying Yes
My Pathology: Saying YesSubscriber Access Only
Why I gave my wife calendar control.
Seeing My Son’s Murderer
Seeing My Son’s MurdererSubscriber Access Only
Did I really believe what I preach?


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