July (Web-only) 2011

Leaders and Friends Remember John StottSubscriber Access Only
What Billy Graham, Mark Noll, John Piper, and others are saying about the life and ministry of John Stott.
Cowboys & AliensSubscriber Access Only
James Bond and Indiana Jones team up for a romp through the very wild, wild West.
Crazy, Stupid, Love.Subscriber Access Only
A smart, delightfully acted romantic comedy marred by a few scenes of oversexed teens
John Stott Has DiedSubscriber Access Only
An architect of 20th-century evangelicalism shaped the faith of a generation.
'A Skillfully Marketed Product'Subscriber Access Only
Documentary 'Blood Money' explores the business of abortion.
We're All in This TogetherSubscriber Access Only
American DreamSubscriber Access Only
God Is AbleSubscriber Access Only
Captain America: The First AvengerSubscriber Access Only
A safe, old-fashioned—if bland—origins story with cool style but a ho-hum story.
Wasted Food for ThoughtSubscriber Access Only
New documentary gets you thinking seriously about the issue of food economics and stewardship.
Campus Crusade Changes Name to CruSubscriber Access Only
Ministry leaders worry that the word "crusade" has too many negative associations.
Flannelgraph Sessions LPSubscriber Access Only
Teach UsSubscriber Access Only
Burlap to CashmereSubscriber Access Only
The End of Church Planting?Subscriber Access Only
A look at whether churches should expand through a missionary model rather than relying on professional entrepreneurial pastors to plant churches.
Geek TheologianSubscriber Access Only
Wired magazine founder Kevin Kelly talks to CT about the Amish, heaven, and why he doesn't own a smart phone.
Harry Potter, Jesus, and Me
Harry Potter, Jesus, and MeSubscriber Access Only
Wherever we see beauty, light, truth, goodness, we see Christ—even in a story about a boy wizard.
Winnie the PoohSubscriber Access Only
A sweet and funny return to the Hundred Acre Wood—with a fascinating subtext of literacy.
Life, Above AllSubscriber Access Only
A mother-daughter bond is challenged amidst the sub-Saharan AIDS epidemic.
Sex, Money ... Pride? Why Pastors Are Stepping DownSubscriber Access Only
What's causing some well-known leaders like C. J. Mahaney (and John Piper before him) to step aside is not what you might think.
The Most Risky ProfessionSubscriber Access Only
Why you need to pray desperately for your pastor.
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part IISubscriber Access Only
The franchise comes to a satisfying close with an emotional and action-packed finale.
Q & A: Bristol Palin on Abstinence after LeviSubscriber Access Only
The daughter of the former governor of Alaska on sexuality, body image, and her "come to Jesus" moment.
Redman's ReasonsSubscriber Access Only
The worship singer/songwriter on his new album, American life, and God's infinite blessings. PLUS: 10,000 Reasons
10,000 ReasonsSubscriber Access Only
Come Down O Love DivineSubscriber Access Only
You Got My AttentionSubscriber Access Only
Stop the FuneralSubscriber Access Only
Fly from HereSubscriber Access Only
ZookeeperSubscriber Access Only
Though silly and disposable, the film's heart and physical comedy make it relatively satisfying.
Q&A: Francis Chan on Rob Bell and HellSubscriber Access Only
Why 'Erasing Hell' was his most difficult book, how 'Love Wins' prompted repentance, and whether 'Believe in Jesus or you'll go to hell' is good news.
Kerosene HaloSubscriber Access Only
TN EPSubscriber Access Only
Larry CrowneSubscriber Access Only
Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in a rom com. A slam dunk, right? Unfortunately, no.
Monte CarloSubscriber Access Only
Selena Gomez and a fine surrounding cast head up this wholesome rom-com/road trip movie.

Top Story June 7, 2020

Singing the Songs of Injustice
Singing the Songs of Injustice
Biblical, angry, congregational worship can help transform our hearts and churches.