Can This Work In A Small Church?

Episode 023, 1 hr 5 min
A Christian's Guide To The Gender Revolution, with Dr. Vince Gil (Ep 023)
Karl and Dr. Gil address issues of concern to pastors, and provide a dialogue on how to approach varied sex/gender concerns in congregants and beyond.
Episode 022, 58 min
Helping Men Become More Intentional Dads, with Jeff Hamilton (Ep 022)
In this interview with Jeff Hamilton, of Dad Academy, we talk about helping men become the dad they want to be.
Episode 21, 44 min
Church Planting For Everyone, with Peyton Jones (ep 021)
Episode 020, 49 min
Online and In-Person Worship, with Jason Moore (Ep 20)
Karl interviews Jason Moore on the subject of how to blend online & in-person worship. Jason is the founder of the Both/And seminars which helps churches of all sizes create a better worship experience for both the online audience and the in-person congregation. In this conversation, I talk to Jason about how a church of any size can use online and in-person church to make each a better experience for worshipers.
Episode 019, 53 min
Current Issues in Church Law & Tax, with Matt Branaugh (Ep 19)
Karl Interviews Matt Branaugh on the important subjects of law, tax and finances in the church. Matt is an Attorney at Law and Content Editor for Church Law & Tax.
Episode 018, 54 min
The Small Church In God's Mission, with Bob Roberts, Ep 18
Karl Vaters podcast guest this week is Bob Roberts Jr., a pastor, author, global strategist and more. Bob has a heart for Jesus, for the Gospel, for all kinds of people, and for the role of the small congregation in fulfilling God’s mission. In this podcast, Karl and Bob have a free-wheeling conversation that touches on many subjects, all of which can help every church and every church leader.
Episode 017, 53 min
Pastoral Transition with Gary Garcia, (Ep 17)
Karl Vaters and Gary Garcia have another conversation. This time, they talk about Pastoral Transition from a unique perspective. Karl was Gary’s lead pastor for 25 years, then Gary transitioned to being the lead pastor, while Karl stayed on the pastoral staff with him.
Episode 016, 40 min
Pastoral Longevity and Ministry Partnership with Gary Garcia (Ep 16)
Karl Vaters and Gary Garcia have a unique relationship. They’ve worked together at the same church for 29 years. For the first 25 years Karl was Gary’s lead pastor. For the last 4 years Gary has been Karl’s lead pastor. Yes, at the same church.
Episode 15, 46 min
Intentional Interim Pastors with Tom Harris (EP 15)
Karl Vaters talks with Tom Harris, the co-author of Soaring Between Pastors: 8 Actions to Thrive During a Pastoral Transition. Tom also serves as the president of IPM (Interim Pastor Ministries).
Episode 14, 40 min
The Value Of Long-Term Pastorates with Rich Brown (EP 14)
Karl Vaters interviews Rich Brown, the author of Extended Stays: A Closer Look at Longer Pastorates. He has served for decades as a pastor and in Christian higher education. Currently he serves with IPM (Interim Pastor Ministries).
Episode 13, 29 min
Small Churches In Denominational Leadership with Matt Henslee (EP 13)
Karl Vaters interviews Matt Henslee. In addition to being a small church pastor and authoring/co-authoring several books, Matt has recently been appointed to leadership in his denomination (Southern Baptist Conference) on both a regional and national level.
Episode 12, 27 min
Small Church Pastor Personality Types with Jean Morgan (Ep 12)
Jean Morgan, a small church pastor who wrote a Masters thesis about the correlation between a pastor’s personality and the size of the church they serve.
Episode 011, 41 min
Trauma, Brain Science, and Ministry, with Lori Andrews, EP 011
My podcast guest this week is Lori Andrews, Ed.D. She and I talk about trauma, its effect on the brain, and how to use this information as we lead through challenging times.
Episode 010, 40 min
Writing For Ministry, with Drew Dyck, EP 010
In this week’s episode of Can This Work In A Small Church? I interview Drew Dyck about the important subject of Writing for Ministry. Drew is the author of several books, most recently, Your Future Self Will Thank You: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible and Brain Science (A Guide for Sinners, Quitters, and Procrastinators). Drew has spent a couple decades as a writer and editor for major church publishers.
Episode 009, 46 min
First Impressions, with Greg Atkinson, EP 009
Karl Vaters interviews Greg Atkinson about how to make a great first impression with guests in small church.

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