Top 10 Bible Studies on Revelation for Fall 2019

This fall’s top ten list cover a variety of bible studies on Revelation. Each curriculum gives you resources to lead a group study, but is also perfect as your own personal study.
Top 10 Bible Studies on Revelation for Fall 2019
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1. Revelation: The Triumph of God

Explore the entire book of Revelation

14 Session Bible Study

In this 14-session study, you will examine the entire Book of Revelation, looking closely at John’s apocalyptic vision and considering how it speaks to our faith and life as we await the Advent of our Lord.

2. Revelation: Looking Forward to Heaven

Believers must understand we were created for the new heaven and new earth that God has in store.

5 Session Bible Study

Believers must understand that this earth is not their home. We were created for the new heaven and new earth that God has in store. Heaven will not be an interminable church service; rather, heaven will be a place of endless life and excitement. This study will help clear our misconceptions about heaven, because we must understand the great hope we have in order to live rightly on earth. It will also help you understand the effect of the centrality of God's throne on the setting of heaven. Finally, this course warns those who do not believe in Christ—and encourages those who do—about the Lord's impending return, when we will face eternal life or eternal death.

3. Revelation: Letters to the Churches

This study will help you understand God's messages to the early churches.

8 Session Bible Study

In our own materialistic age, it is only too easy to miss the meaning of this book. On the one hand, instead of seeing it as something written to inspire and to capture the imagination, we quickly reduce it to a timetable of events. On the other hand, we lose its message in fantasy and mysticism. This study will guide you through the letters in the Book of Revelation and help you pull powerful lessons from the text.

4. Revelation: Eternity—Beyond Death's Door

The purpose of this 5 session study is to provide a biblical understanding of what death is and where it leads.

5 Session Bible Study

The Book of Revelation is full of mystery and wonder. It paints amazing pictures of what is to come. The purpose of this five-session study is to provide a biblical understanding of what death is and where it leads. The Bible provides several authoritative definitions of death and a convincing promise of an afterlife.

5. Seven Letters to Seven Churches

Explore Jesus' letters to the churches in Revelation and how his words apply to the church today.

8 Session Bible Study

In this 8-session study, you will examine Jesus’ letters to the seven churches recorded in the Book of Revelation, considering how Christ’s message also speaks to the church today.

6. What on Earth Happens After Christ's Second Coming?

Timeless truths behind the debates over Christ’s return.

Single Session Bible Study

When and how will the millennium of Christ's reign occur? Will Christ return to reign on earth before or after the church has been raptured? Will there be a literal thousand-year reign on earth? These questions vex many Christians, yet many miss the more important question: What does the coming millennium mean for life in our present age? This study will examine this question.

7. What Is Heaven Like?

What do we know about the place where we’ll spend eternity?

Single Session Bible Study

Considering that heaven is the eternal home of the believer, it is surprising how little we seem to know about it, and how much we think we know that is not actually in the Bible. Also, everyone who has grieved the loss of a Christian loved one has probably wondered where that person is right now—before Jesus comes back and establishes his eternal kingdom on earth. Beginning with the thought-provoking article from Christianity Today, "Finding Heaven," this study will help your group explore Scripture's tantalizing insights into our eternal home.

8. Angels Among Us

What is the truth about angels?

Single Session Bible Study

Encounters with angels are relatively common in Scripture. These inhabitants of the heavenly realm do not surprise us when we find them among the men and women we meet in the Bible. But what about today? In some ways the secular world is more interested in angels than is the church. What are we to believe about the presence of angels among us?

9. Simple Living

Are we consumed by consumption?

Single Session Bible Study

Those of us who have many possessions or few can all be possessed by what we have—or don't have. While Christians should live simply, the focus should not be on getting rid of what we have, but rather upon cultivating the disposition of "a life of joyful unconcern for possessions" (Richard J. Foster). Such a disposition will lead to actions and behaviors of simple living. This study, based on an article The 'Real' Simple Life, by Matt Bell, will focus on what it means to live simply, and how we can cultivate an attitude of contentment.

10. Satan's a Goner

The devil sometimes gets more than his due; here’s why we can face him with confidence.

Single Session Bible Study

Mark Twain once famously said that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. We could say the same thing about Satan, in reverse: Reports of his life have been greatly exaggerated. No matter how much havoc the devil wreaks, it comes from a doomed creature: his head has been removed because of Christ. In God's eyes, the battle is over. All Christians can rejoice in Christ's victory. Yet the headless serpent continues to thrash about, causing fear and destruction. What are we to think and do? How do we gain perspective during this dangerous epoch? How do we respond as faithful followers to this "already and not yet" victory?

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