Great Teachers of the Bible
Ortberg on Understanding GodOrtberg on Understanding God
Learn how to partner with God for your spiritual growth.
5 Session Bible Study
Charles Colson on Social ResponsibilityCharles Colson on Social Responsibility
Charles Colson explores topics including the dignity of human life, sa ...
9 Session Bible Study
Tim Keller on Practical TheologyTim Keller on Practical Theology
This study is based on sermons by Timothy Keller, the founding pastor ...
7 Session Bible Study
Christian Perspectives from Philip YanceyChristian Perspectives from Philip Yancey
Give your group the gift of wonderful insights from a wonderful teacher.
6 Session Bible Study
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Charles Colson on Social Responsibility
9 Session Bible Study

Unfortunately, many Christians would never think to talk about politics, homosexuality, or animal rights with other believers. These topics feel taboo, and in the name of unity, ...

Tim Keller on Practical Theology
7 Session Bible Study

Session One

Is the Bible Historically Unreliable & Regressive?
We can trust the Bible historically, culturally, and personally.

There are many good things in the Bible, but should ...

Christian Perspectives from Philip Yancey
6 Session Bible Study

Living as a Christian is not easy, nor does it have to be incredibly complicated. There's a middle ground that needs to be explored, and few authors have engaged in that exploration ...

Stuart Briscoe on Everyday Discipleship
5 Session Bible Study

Session One

The Meaning of Discipleship
The essence of discipleship is relationship.
John 1:35-51; 6

In Jesus' day, all kinds of people had disciples. Two of the Greek words that ...

Haddon Robinson on Life
8 Session Bible Study

Haddon Robinson is the senior director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Prior to joining Gordon-Conwell, Dr. Robinson served 12 years as ...

Francis Chan: Sold Out to Jesus

Francis Chan is pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, and a popular author and speaker. In this video course, he talks about the supremacy of Christ detailed in ...

John Ortberg on Jonah

Session 1

Dealing With Our Doubts
Do you have trouble believing the impossible?
Video length: five minutes

Session 2

Pray, Pray, PrayWe can learn from Jonah to pray no matter what ...

Jay Kesler on God and Us
3 Session Bible Study

Years ago, a young man approached Jay Kesler and announced a disbelief in God. Kesler responded, "Tell me what God you don't believe in. Maybe I don't believe in him, ...

Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense

Note: Because of the size of this video resource, you will need to download both Part 1 and Part 2.

N.T. Wright shares the truths from his book Simply Christian in these 10 video ...

Gordon MacDonald on Our Spiritual Journey
4 Session Bible Study

Do you really know where you are and where you are going? What do you think it means to look for God in the lofty places? The lowly places? Have you ever met someone you thought ...

Jack Hayford on the Goodness of God
3 Session Bible Study

Author and pastor Jack Hayford reminds us that no matter where we are or what we've done, Jesus' work on the cross is able to cover and restore us. The love he has for us ...

Lee Strobel on Jesus Christ
3 Session Bible Study

Lee Strobel has written and taught persuasively about Christ in his books A Case for Christ and A Case for Faith. A skeptic originally, Strobel writes convincingly to help those ...

John Piper on the Nature of God
5 Session Bible Study

This five-session course is by John Piper, the pastor of preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has written numerous books including, Desiring God, ...

Jill Briscoe on Christian Foundations
4 Session Bible Study

Jill Briscoe has an active speaking ministry and has written over 40 books, including A Little Pot of Oil, Prayer That Works, and God's Front Door. She and her husband Stuart ...

Stott on Reaching Out
4 Session Bible Study

John Stott challenges us in this four-session course to reach out to others. Stott's best-known work, Basic Christianity, has sold 2 million copies and has been translated into ...

Stowell on Christian Living
5 Session Bible Study

Joseph Stowell, former president of Moody Bible Institute and current pastor of Harvest Bible Church, has written such books as The Trouble with Jesus, Eternity: Reclaiming a Passion ...

Ortberg on Understanding God
5 Session Bible Study

John Ortberg, pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California and author of numerous books including The Life You've Always Wanted and If You Want to Walk on Water, You've ...

1 – 17 of 17 Studies
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