This 4-week course will help you and your group explore modern cultural heresies.
4 Session Bible Study

The following 4-session course will help you and your group explore modern cultural heresies by posing questions like: Are people from other faiths who don't believe in Jesus still God's children and will they go to heaven? How can we evaluate practices like yoga and their compatibility with Christian discipleship? What are some of the heresies of today's culture? How much truth is there to claims made in The Da Vinci Code?

Week One

What Good are Religions without Christ?
Testing the theology of a born-again paradox

Week Two

The Dangers of Modern Meditation
Trendy meditation practices like yoga may be relaxing, but are they in line with biblical teaching?

Week Three

The Da Vinci Code and Other Heresies
What is the allure of secret knowledge about God?

Week Four

Debunking The Da Vinci Code
Christians must know the truth to recognize lies.

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