December (Web-only) 2000

The New/Old CCM
The New/Old CCMSubscriber Access Only
Classical Christian music, especially the sacred works of Johann Sebastian Bach, finds a young, and large, audience.
Left Behind
Left BehindSubscriber Access Only
Believers dream again of a breakthrough film. Left Behind is not it.
Are You Re:Generated?Subscriber Access Only
Inside one of the best religious publications on the planet (that's not Christianity Today).
Churches Point Finger at Government as Nairobi's Holy Buildings BurnSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Mainline denominations fight Georgia's flag
Indonesian Province's Anniversary Protest ControlledSubscriber Access Only
Violence was anticipated from independence fighters who massacred non-Papuan Christians last month.
Is Ally McBeal a Congregationalist?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Priest murdered in India, Christmas in Bethlehem after all, and other stories from media around the world.
Gaylord to Shut and Other Internet SitesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Think U.S. churches had a lot to say about Clinton's impeachment? You should see Philippines churches furor over Estrada.
Break in Missionary Kidnapping CaseSubscriber Access Only
Captured Colombian guerilla may hold key to U.S. missionaries' fate.
Rating the Effectiveness of Movie RatingsSubscriber Access Only
The ChildCare Action Project thinks parents could benefit from more information and fewer recommendations.
'Missionary of Lucifer' Pleads Guilty to Church BurningsSubscriber Access Only
Indiana man confesses to more than 25 acts of arson.
Methodists Canadians Finding Loopholes for Gay Marriages and UnionsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Russia says Salvation Army is trying to overthrow the government.
Turkmenistan Police Torture Four ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Crackdown on Protestants includes beatings, interrogations, and electric shocks.
Church of England's Bioethics Leader Says Human Cloning Is OkaySubscriber Access Only
Plus: Violence in Egypt, and the troubling statistics of Dr. Kevorkian's murders
Why December 25?Subscriber Access Only
The month and day of Christ's birth have been hotly disputed for centuries.
Car Accident Takes Lives of Two Indian Bishops and Their DriverSubscriber Access Only
President of the National Council of Churches in India, moderator of the Church of North India killed instantly.
Norway's Lutherans Apologize to GypsiesSubscriber Access Only
Church asks forgiveness for the injustices and infringements committed against the Romany people.
Russian Orthodox Church Approves as Putin Decides to Sing to a Soviet TuneSubscriber Access Only
Once wary Moscow Patriarchate now supports resurrecting former national anthem.
On Being Human Part 1Subscriber Access Only
Natural History magazine celebrates a milestone.
Thousands of Filipino Christians Pray for Estrada's Swift ResignationSubscriber Access Only
Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila, other church leaders leading impeachment rallies.
Jubilee 2000 Will Disband as Planned But Its Work Will ContinueSubscriber Access Only
The world will never be the same again.
James Dobson Charles Colson Head to Vatican Meet with PopeSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Federal government criticized for not doing enough on persecution, Graham back in hospital, and other stories from news sources around the world.
Egyptian Court Releases All 89 El-Kosheh DefendantsSubscriber Access Only
Muslim murder suspects all set free without bail.
Churches Hope to Reunite India's Legacy of the Apostle ThomasSubscriber Access Only
St. Thomas Christians similar, despite being Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant.
New Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance Targets Peace IssuesSubscriber Access Only
Church organizations hope their new alliance will be a prophetic voice.
Leaving You HangingSubscriber Access Only
Christian movie critics say Vertical Limit and Proof of Life deliver few insights about living or dying well.
Appeals Court Says Vouchers Violate Church-State SeparationSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Christian relief agencies accused of compromise on evangelism, China's crackdown on churches gets a rise out of a U.S. diplomat, and other stories from around the world.
Christmas in Palestine: Hunger and WarSubscriber Access Only
Starvation threatens Palestinian villages if U.N. aid continues to be delayed, Vatican official warns.
Bush's Call to PrayerSubscriber Access Only
After Al Gore's concession, evangelical leaders unify around faith-based initiatives, morality, and prayer as the incoming Bush administration gears up.
Israel Moves Closer to Adopting Religious FreedomSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Israeli military might forcibly shut Bethlehem on Christmas Eve, and investors intervene against AT&T's porn stash.
Priests Continue to Challenge U.S. Episcopal AuthoritySubscriber Access Only
Conservative Anglicans gather to demonstrate their solidarity in a confirmation service.
Mandela De Klerk and Tutu Join to Fight AIDSSubscriber Access Only
South Africa's men of peace call for end of silence and stigmatization.
Burn the Heretic!Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Defending sex jokes in sitcoms, denying Santa and Jesus at the same time, and other stories from mainstream media sources.
Peace on Earth?
Peace on Earth?Subscriber Access Only
Christmas Carols and the Civil War
On Being Human Part 2Subscriber Access Only
Learning from information rather than instinct is often harder than it looks.
Anglicans Do Battle with Father ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The Salvation Army is more than you might think; and television worth watching.
Lutherans Losing State Church Status?Subscriber Access Only
Scandinavians debate the pros and cons of cutting ties between state and church.
Family Research Council Leadership Squares Off on Bush's Treatment of Religious ConservativesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Defending Santa, pulling the plug on low-power radio, and other stories from media around the world.
Graham Plans Summer CrusadeSubscriber Access Only
In spite of health concerns, 82-year-old evangelist continues to preach in U.S.
Dude Where's My Humor?Subscriber Access Only
What Christian film critics are saying about What Women Want, The Emperor's New Groove, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and other new releases.
Bethel Metropolitan Baptist Church's Unfortunate Ministry to ConvictsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: A Jesus video mixup, and more stories from mainstream media sources around the world.
Bush Meets With Clergy to Discuss Faith-Based InitiativesSubscriber Access Only
Plus more stories from mainstream media sources around the world.
Turkmenistan Police Evict ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Families punished after four men are arrested for owning Christian videos.
Philip Yancey: Hallelujah!
Hallelujah!Subscriber Access Only
On a memorable London night, the bright and glistening theology of Messiah broke through my jet-lagged consciousness.
Christians Use the Internet Too? I Thought It Was Only for the Enlightened.Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Filtering out obscenity in schools and libraries, and other stories from media around the world.
Whose Child Is This?
Whose Child Is This?Subscriber Access Only
The early church's opponents claimed Jesus was illegitimate. Its heretical fringe said he wasn't human. The doctrine of the Virgin Birth set them both straight.
My Meeting With the President-ElectSubscriber Access Only
An inside view of Bush's meeting with religious leaders.
Christians Hammered by Pre-Christmas ViolenceSubscriber Access Only
200 Christians driven from a small town in Gujarat, India, and their church converted into a Hindu temple.
Festive Flora
Festive FloraSubscriber Access Only
Deck the halls with boughs of pagan signifigance, falalalala, lalalala.
Family-Friendly Internet Service Provider Allegedly FraudulentSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Destroying churches both legally (in California) and violently (in Indonesia), and other stories from around the world.
Film Form: A Two-Hour TourSubscriber Access Only
What Christian film critics are saying about Cast Away, The Family Man, Miss Congeniality, Quills, and other holiday releases.
Schism Threatens Brownsville Assembly of God as School Head FiredSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Jordan archaeologists think they might have found John the Baptist, and other articles from mainstream media sources around the world.
Upset with Jesus Statue Indian Villages Start Banning ConversionsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Seeking an end to the death penalty, Peter Deyneka dead at 69, and other stories from around the world.

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