Church in Action

God, Guns, and Oil
A Los Angeles church seeks the good of its neighborhood by confronting crime and environmental distress.
Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School
Helping Urbana Find Its Voice
Nikki Toyama-Szeto diversifies Intervarsity's student conference.
Why You Should Eavesdrop on Your Neighbors
What happened when Portland third-graders interviewed their elderly neighbors about their city's past.
Nature Nurture: A Nonprofit Transforming Youth through the Great Outdoors
Blue Sky Fund, led by Lawson Wijesooriya, connects inner-city kids to Richmond's natural riches.
Lecrae's 'Man Up' Mission to Address Father Absence
The 32-year-old Christian rapper says biblical manhood is the key to stopping fatherlessness in Atlanta and beyond.
Where Are the Dads? Treating Richmond's Fatherless Epidemic
How local Christians are building human capital through public health—one man at a time.
Waiting for the Real Superman: A Christian School Closes the Achievement Gap
Hope Academy in Minneapolis says its success reaching at-risk youth rests on Jesus.
This Old City: A Christian's Dream of Renovating Richmond
Like the old mansions gracing my streets, Richmond itself finds its beauty in the very places it needs the most work.
Michael Patton Brews a Potent Theology
The founder of Credo House Ministries teaches theology over a cup of joe.
God Called Me to Move to the Trailer Park
How the forgotten outskirts of Chicagoland became one woman's mission field.
A Savvy Peacemaker Building across Missouri's Race Lines
From city council meetings to street corners, Lorenzo Lawson is shaping a more just Columbia, Missouri.
Church-'With': Small Churches Find Their Future in Neighborhood Renewal
The Rosewood Initiative, a merging of churches, police, and nonprofits in Portland, is finding their own peace by seeking their neighbors'.
A Native Faith: Richard Twiss Shapes Portland's Youth and Beyond
In a city still skeptical of white Christianity, Twiss's cross-cultural witness is gaining a hearing among citizens and leaders alike.
A Legacy in Indianapolis That Outlives the Super Bowl
Long before the NFL named my hometown this year's host city, Near Eastside leaders were revitalizing the heart of their neighborhoods.
Shrimp and Grits with a Side of 'Shalom': The King's Kitchen Revitalizes Charlotte
Every aspect of Jim Noble's newest restaurant—including the food, all local—is designed to reflect the kingdom of God.
How Bethany Hoang Was Wired for Justice
The director of IJM Institute for International Justice Mission shines the spotlight on modern-day slavery.
A Christian Teacher Residency Program That Eschews Classroom Evangelism
Memphis Teacher Residency tells residents to witness to Christ by teaching with excellence—and by committing to Memphis for the long haul.
A Guide to Being Salt and Light in Knoxville
Compassion Coalition aims to mobilize and deploy Christians to address their city's brokenness.
The Cost of Serving Portland—and Jesus—as an Oregon Politician
State Representative Jules Bailey, an unlikely Christian, has drafted some of the most innovative environmental legislation in the state.

Top Story May 17, 2024

Billy Graham’s US Capitol Statue Unveiled
Billy Graham’s US Capitol Statue Unveiled
The late evangelist is one of just four Americans who have received the nation’s three highest congressional honors.

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