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Show Them the Money: Gospel for Asia Faces Class Action over Christmas Catalogs
Lawsuit reflects the complexity of making giving to missions more tangible.
How Evangelicals Do Ecumenism Subscriber access only
The World Evangelical Alliance explains why it’s engaging more with Rome.
Why Christian High Schools Are Filling with Atheist Students Subscriber access only
Foreign students offer US schools treasure in heaven and on earth.
Why the US Thinks Restricting International Adoptions Will Save Them Subscriber access only
Experts debate State Department strategy to let the little children come less.
The Great Call of China: Churches Poised to Become Major Exporters Subscriber access only
Hundreds pledge lives to missions at ‘Chinese Urbana’ as red tape rises.
When Two Aren’t Better Than One: Right-Sizing Religion at the State Department Subscriber access only
Experts debate plan to merge religious freedom and religious advocacy offices.
What a Playground’s Victory Means for Christian Schools Subscriber access only
Supreme Court decision could change playing field for school choice movement.
Why Christians Are Abandoning the Orphanage Subscriber access only
A new focus on the family is changing how Christians care for abandoned and neglected children.
Are Christians Donating Too Directly to Missions?
When helping hurts the professional helpers.
Together for the Gospels: Unprecedented Unity Among Bible Translators Transforms Giving
Lessons learned from illumiNations initiative could help other causes.
Does the United States Belong on Persecution Lists? Subscriber access only
Experts weigh in.
The Title IX Lives of Christian Colleges Subscriber access only
Why CCCU schools are split on claiming one of their legal rights.
Who Gets to Count That Convert? Subscriber access only
Partnerships between missions groups complicate the metrics.
Releasing God's Word: Do Copyrights Help or Hurt Bible Translation? Subscriber access only
Experts debate whether laws protect Scripture or restrict its spread.
Missionary Donn Ketcham Abused 18 Children. Here’s Why He Wasn’t Stopped.
(UPDATED) After Bangladesh MKs speak out, ABWE releases final report on past problems and future protections.
The Unwritten Word of God: Bible Translation Goes Mouth to Mouth Subscriber access only
New oral-only software eliminates the middleman.
Why Four Bible Translators Martyred in Middle East Won't Be The Last Subscriber access only
Technology has made spreading Scripture faster and cheaper, but not safer.
Six Reasons Why ISIS Attacks on Christians Should Be Declared Genocide Subscriber access only
When should we politicize persecution?
Have Christians and Jews Extended the Olive Branch Too Far? Subscriber access only
Orthodox rabbis say Christianity is God’s will. Vatican says don’t formally evangelize Jews.
Made in China: The Next Mass Missionary Movement Subscriber access only
Chinese Christians plan to send 20,000 missionaries by 2030.