Following God's Lead in Missions

Following God's Lead in Missions

As God moves through space and time, we need to be ready to go with his flow.
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"The map of global Christianity that our grandparents knew has been turned upside down," Christopher J. H. Wright announces. Churches in places regarded as mission fields flourish, while churches in the West atrophy. Yet many Westerners feel an uncontrollable urge to solve the world's problems by exporting their patterns of theology, worship, governance, and business. Wright calls us to stop bustling around for a minute and see what God might be doing while we make other plans.

What does the map of global Christianity look like? What is our role in God's mission? How can we both give and receive cross-culturally? These are the questions we'll ponder in this study.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE:Genesis 1:26–28; 1 Kings 8:41–43; Matthew 5:13–16; Colossians 1:3–20; 3 John; Revelation 3:14–22; 21:1–5


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: The center of the Christian world is the Cross, not the West.

Teaching point two: Mission is God's plan, not ours.

Teaching point three: If we aim to give in mission, we must be willing to receive.

• Apply Your Findings


An Upside-Down World, by Christopher J. H. Wright(January 2007, 5 printed pages)

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