Jesus' Final Week

Jesus' Final Week

From his entry into Jerusalem to the Resurrection
8 Session Bible Study


Eight inductive Bible studies focus on the events of Jesus' final week on earth—his entry into Jerusalem, the last meal with his disciples, his trial, his Crucifixion, and his Resurrection.


Getting the Most Out of Jesus' Final Week
This section introduces the topic, explains the structure followed in each study and offers tips for those approaching the study on their own as well as those participating in a group.

Session One

Sunday: Triumphal Entry
Popularity is fickle. As Jesus entered Jerusalem during Passover Week, the adulation and expectation of the people was intense. What happened nextsatisfaction or disappointmentand why?

Matthew 21:1-11

Session Two

Monday: Clearing the Temple
The trouble with righteous anger is that it is much easier to be angry than to be righteous. How does Jesus' anger compare with your own "righteous" anger or that of others?
Mark 11:12-19

Session Three

Tuesday: Teaching at the Mount of Olives
What are the hallmarks of Jesus' prophecy? How did his audience receive his prophecy? How can his example help you to discern true or false prophets today?
Matthew 24:1-31

Session Four

Thursday: The Last Supper
How do you respond to crisis? What does Jesus' response to crisis teach you about him and about God?
Matthew 26:17-30

Session Five

Thursday: Betrayal & Arrest
Those closest to us have the power to hurt us in deep, personal ways that others do not. What does being a loyal friend mean to you? What pressures in your life test your loyalty to Jesus?
Mark 14:43-72

Session Six

Friday: Trial
In what ways is Christianity distorted to fit other agendas and ideologies? What tempts you to compromise your faith? Jesus' conduct during his trial can equip and inspire you to hold fast to the truth.
John 18:28–19:16

Session Seven

Friday: Crucifixion
Because of Jesus' teaching and his confrontation of suffering, Christians know that honestly facing and feeling our grief is the best way through it. How have you been helped or hindered by others in times of personal hurt or loss?
Matthew 27

Session Eight

Sunday: Resurrection
Easter Sunday is the biggest celebration on the Christian calendar. But many sneer at the impossibility of the Resurrection. How do you know it happened? What does it mean for you, for others and for the world?
Luke 24:1-43

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Cindy Bunch is a senior editor at InterVarsity Press. She is also the author of the LifeGuide Bible Studies God's Word and Christian Virtues. She is the editor of Advent of the Savior, which helps readers prepare to celebrate Christmas.

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