Jill Briscoe on Christian Foundations

Jill Briscoe on Christian Foundations

Why God made us, how he forgives us, and how he enables us to handle difficulties and to love others.
4 Session Bible Study

Jill Briscoe has an active speaking ministry and has written over 40 books, including A Little Pot of Oil, Prayer That Works, and God's Front Door. She and her husband Stuart minister together at conferences and mission organizations around the world. In this four-session course, Jill instructs us in basics of the Christian life, such as why God made us, how he forgives us, and how he enables us to handle difficulties and to love others.

Session One

God Made Us for Himself
We are uniquely handmade by God for his glory.
Isaiah 64:8

God created us, and he alone knows why. He gives us our purpose, meaning, direction, and value. We may not know all the reasons he made us, but we do know we were made for Christ so that we can bring him glory.

Session Two

God Forgives the Mess We Make
God wants to forgive us, if only we will ask.
Matthew 6:9–14

God forgives the mess in our families, the mess in our world, the mess that we make, and the mess that others make for us. This study will help us figure out how to receive that forgiveness.

Session Three

Praise God When Things Get Tough
When we can't escape our circumstances, we must trust God's ultimate plan.
Habakkuk 1–3

We learn from Habakkuk of the Old Testament how to not only put up with difficult situations, but to embrace them.

Session Four

Love God with All Your Heart
When we receive a new heart to love God, it will be seen in our actions to others.
Luke 10:25–37

This study looks at the story of the Good Samaritan. Sometimes when we hear familiar stories, we get a little disappointed. But it never harms to peek around the corner of a verse to see who is standing in the shadows.

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