Pursuing Spiritual Formation

Pursuing Spiritual Formation

This 12-session study will help you think realistically and practically about how to grow spiritually.
12 Session Bible Study

The purpose of this 12-session plan is to help you think realistically and practically about how to grow spiritually. It will help you understand what the Scriptures have to say about this important topic, and how to make it a part of your daily experience. It addresses specific disciplines like fasting, lectio divina, and giving, and also challenges you to think about past experiences, sharing in the community, and more.

Session One

Customizing Spiritual Formation
How do we develop a plan for spiritual formation that will foster lasting life change?

Session Two

Dive into the Spiritual Life
Learning about spiritual formation isn't enough; we must practice it.

Session Three

The Secret of Satisfaction
We are blessed when our actions display a hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Session Four

Spiritual Growth—My Job or God's?
Sanctification involves a mysterious partnership with God.

Session Five

Imitating Christ
Jesus' life was marked by mediation, proclamation, and compassion.

Session Six

Silence and Solitude
These disciplines supply fuel for the soul.

Session Seven

The Benefit of Fasting
Fasting is the voluntary denial of an otherwise normal function for the sake of intense spiritual activity.

Session Eight

Lectio Divina
Four simple steps can help Christians become transformed.

Session Nine

Sacrificial Giving
Our trust grows when we give to God in ways that make us dependent on him.

Session Ten

Using Experience in Spiritual Transformation
What we can learn about spiritual formation from Saul

Session Eleven

Spiritual Discipline in Community
How spiritual formation is a part of every Christian's life

Session Twelve

Tending to the Soul
Why spiritual formation is the primary work of every Christian

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