Romans: Extreme Makeover of the Soul: Church Bundle

Help your whole church explore justification, sanctification, transformation, and glorification.
4 Session Bible Study

Most people in your church and small groups can probably think of things they would like to have renovated. It might be houses, cars, landscaping—maybe even budgets or 401k's. But what about our souls?

This Church Discipleship Campaing provides an opportunity for your entire congregation to focus on what is truly important in their lives. You'll focus on vital Scriptures from the Book of Romans both in your weekly sermons and weekly Bible-study material, and you'll cover the whole experience of a mature follower of Jesus: justification, sanctification, transformation, and glorification. It's a great opportunity to help your whole church experience true life-change together.

Note: The different formats for each piece of the campaign are bundled as follows: one PDF for all four weeks of preaching material, one PDF for all four weeks of Bible study material, one Powerpoint presentation for all four weeks, and one Microsoft Word document for the bulletin insert.

Session One

Justification: A Clean Slate
Christ clears the way for a new life built on hope.
Romans 5:1-11

God justifies is through faith in Jesus Christ, giving us hope and security.

Session Two

Sanctification: A Daily Choice
God's work of sanctification is a process of daily decisions.
Romans 6:1-14

Sanctification is a daily decision and a lifelong journey. In this journey, God develops you into a righteous person.

Session Three

Transformation: The Work of the Holy Spirit
Catch the Holy Spirit's wind of transformation.
Romans 8:1-17

God wants to transform you from the person you are to the person he created you to be.

Session Four

Heaven: The Great Reveal
Glorification, our completed makeover, will be worth the wait.
Romans 8:18-31

Take a peek into the future, to the greatest reveal of all, and see what God has in store for men and women who experience an extreme makeover of the soul.

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