Satan's a Goner

Satan's a Goner

The devil sometimes gets more than his due; here’s why we can face him with confidence.
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Mark Twain once famously said that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. We could say the same thing about Satan, in reverse: Reports of his life have been greatly exaggerated. No matter how much havoc the devil wreaks, it comes from a doomed creature: his head has been removed because of Christ. In God's eyes, the battle is over. All Christians can rejoice in Christ's victory.

Yet the headless serpent continues to thrash about, causing fear and destruction. What are we to think and do? How do we gain perspective during this dangerous epoch? How do we respond as faithful followers to this "already and not yet" victory?

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 3:1–21; Luke 8:26–39; 10:1–20; 1 Peter 5:6–11; Revelation 12:7–12


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one:Evil is no accident.

Teaching point two:Evil is real, but temporary.

Teaching point three:Jesus has authority over Satan and his hosts.

Teaching point four:Jesus' followers have Jesus' authority over the evil one.

Teaching point five:We must resist the devil.

• Apply Your Findings

• Additional Resources


Satan's a Goner, by Carolyn Arends (February 2011)

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