The Burnt Offering: Giving Our All

The Burnt Offering: Giving Our All

Discovering what it means to be wholly consumed for God.
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The burnt offering is in one sense the most "complete" of all the sacrifices offered to God. In every other type of offering, only a small portion is burnt on the altar. The rest is consumed by the priests, sometimes shared with those who brought the offering. But the burnt offering is to be entirely consumed by flame, as a "sweet aroma to the Lord" (Leviticus 1:9, 13, 17).

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SCRIPTURE: Leviticus 1


• Identify the Current Issue

• Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: To obey is better than sacrifice.

Teaching point two: I surrender all.

Teaching point three: Sacrifice in the Old Testament was to change us, not God.

• Apply Your Findings

• Recommended Resources

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