What Does the Bible Say About Animals?

What Does the Bible Say About Animals?

Despite silliness and fanaticism on both sides, the animal-rights debate remains an inherently religious issue.
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When a mosquito lands on your arm, do you want to smash it? Or do you respect its life as a creature of God? These questions may seem silly, but many Christian animal-rights activists are demanding that we address this issue: Is every living creature so sacred that as humans we have no right to harm them—much less kill them?

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SCRIPTURE: Genesis 1:20–28, 2:18–20, 3:21, 4:4; Exodus 20:10, 23:12; 1 Samuel 15:1–3; Isaiah 11:6–9; Matthew 6:26


• The Issue

Sample questions:

Do you agree or disagree with Andrew Linzey that habitual cruelty to animals desensitizes a person and makes that person less than human? Why?

Do you think medical researchers should be allowed to hurt animals even if the research benefits humanity? Why or why not?

• The Scriptures

Sample Scriptures:

According to Jesus in Matthew 6:26, how is God involved in the lives of his creatures? How does he value them in contrast to humans? Why?

In 1 Samuel 15:1–3, why do you think God demanded that even the animals be destroyed? Does it seem just to you? Why or why not?

• The Application

Sample application questions:

Do you think Christians need to take a particular stand on animal rights? Why or why not?

Discuss how animals reflect the magnificent handiwork of the Creator. How does the beauty and order of nature enrich our lives and make us thirst for God?


Animal Lib, by Tim Stafford (June 1990, 13 printed pages)

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