What Does the Bible Say About Being Gay?

What Does the Bible Say About Being Gay?

Shining God’s light of truth on a polarizing topic
3 Session Bible Study

In general, Christians have done a poor job of talking about sexuality, especially when it comes to same-sex orientation. For many, it's a taboo topic to avoid at all costs. Others speak about it plenty, but they focus solely on truth without any love or grace. What does the Bible really say about being gay? And how should we respond to people who experience same-sex orientation? This study draws on three articles—two from Christianity Today and one from Her.meneutics—to address these questions in truth and love.

Session 1

What Does the Bible Say About Sexuality?
God's Word has a high view of sexuality, and it affects everyone—regardless of orientation.

There's no question that we live in changing times. Many Christians are looking for ways to uphold God's truth with love and grace. This is especially true as many of us have friends or relatives who are gay. What does the Bible really say about being gay? In this study, we'll look at what the Bible says about sexuality and what that means for people who experience same-sex orientation. Plus, we'll explore better ways to talk about sexuality as a whole.

Session 2

Is Same-Sex Orientation a Sin?
How should the church respond to believers who experience same-sex attraction?

It's an issue that believers can't ignore: there are people among us who experience same-sex attraction. An anonymous account written by "a Christian husband and father who, day by day, resists his same-sex desires," as the subtitle calls him, focuses on one Christian's inner conflict: Will my Christian friends understand? What does the Bible say about same-sex orientation, and how should we respond to those who experience it?

Session 3

Loving Our LGBT Neighbors
Following Jesus' example to love people who are different from us.

Is it possible to have a best friend who is different than you in numerous ways? Courtney Humphreys and Nishta Mehra definitely think so. Courtney realizes their relationship seems convoluted on paper: "I'm a white, evangelical Christian, married with two young children. She's brown, non-Christian, and raising a two-year-old son with her partner, Jill." Yet, Courtney sees Nishta as one of one of her truest, most steadfast friends on this earth. Courtney and Nishta have learned how to actively love someone different from themselves. As we'll learn in this study, they are following in Jesus' footsteps. Over and over he taught us: love one another—and that includes our LBGT neighbor.

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