February (Web-only) 2009

The Velveteen Rabbit
In this latest remake of the children's book, director Michael Landon Jr. delivers not quite a classic, but an enjoyable film that nicely explores a child's imagination.
Heroes: Not the TV Show
How much do you know about Milk, ashes, and more from this week's news?
Two Lovers
An interesting look at the reasons we love—that unfortunately gets muddled with plot complications and contrivances.
Justices: City Isn't Obligated to Display Religious Monument
Supreme Court says most monuments are government speech, not a forum.
'God Only'
Giving up soul care for Lent.
'No Line on the Horizon' Is No Radical Reinvention of U2 (Hooray!)
What's so great (and what's not) about the band's new album.
Contemplating Culture in a Southern Citadel
Conservatism not 'Fox News with prayer requests,' Moore warns.
Which Came First: the Human Rights, or the Fertilized Egg?
An encyclopedic feud, sexing the seven deadly sins, and more.
The Christian Spinal Tap
In Jesus People: The Movie, an upcoming mockumentary, Hollywood believers spoof the evangelical subculture—and thus themselves.
Not Safe, But Good
Is it OK to let children watch scary movies if there's a valuable lesson to be learned? We asked. You answered.
Is the Stimulus Act Anti-Religious?
The stimulus bill included a caveat that federal funds may not be used for religious worship.
Working on a Dream
Sounding more jubilant than he has in years, Springsteen celebrates love and marriage—and, subtly, the God behind it—in Working on a Dream.
Dark Knights and Bright Lights
Finding truth, beauty, and goodness even in the darkest of films—starting with The Dark Knight, one of the best films of 2008.
Will You Boycott My Valentine?
How did one senator respond to receiving a free pornographic magazine? What are Obama's faith-based priorities? And other questions from this week's news.
Confessions of a Shopaholic
The protagonist tries to be the poster girl for the recession generation, but the film's celebration of consumerism takes all the teeth out of its sparkly bite.
The International
An Interpol agent and a DA try to bring down a corrupt financial institution in this schizophrenic failure that wants to be both a suspense thriller and action film—and fails at both.
Phrase 'Religious Right' Misused, Conservatives Say
Leaders often identified with the Religious Right want journalists and academics to lay the term to rest.
Porn Star No More
Former adult film star Crissy Moran returns to Christ and makes a movie based on the Bible story of Hosea and Gomer.
The 2008 Readers' Choice Awards
You liked movies about a marriage on the brink, an irresistible robot, a kid from the slums, a Narnian adventure, and more. And your favorite? Read on ...
The Art of Compassion
Some of the world's top Christian musicians gathered to write songs in the fight against poverty. Check out our exclusive slideshow—and listen to a track from the album while you're at it.
He Likes Jesus. He Just Doesn't 'Like' Like Him.
Benyamin Cohen spends his Jesus Year seeking a deeper faith — in Judaism.
The Definition of 'I Screwed Up'
Susan Wise Bauer, author of The Art of the Public Grovel, dissects Obama's apology.
Seminaries: Not Just for Pastors Anymore
Derek Cooper offers an insider's guide — and reflections on what schools need to do better.
A Promising Start for Obama's Faith-Based Office
Why we are encouraged — and still have a major concern.
A comedy about Star Wars fans and a fun trip into all things Lucas is destroyed by rote, predictable, and crude sexual humor.
The Pink Panther 2
Steve Martin takes his second shot at the role of Inspector Clouseau, and the results are significantly less bumbling than before—but that’s on a very relative scale.
Realistic sights and sounds help this movie to stand out from other recent superhero efforts, but it all falls apart at the script level.
He's Just Not That Into You
This examination of modern relationships and all their foibles is fodder for lots of hilarity, but also a somber reminder of some of the true motivations behind love.
An inquisitive girl unlocks a mysterious door and discovers a parallel reality to her own—only seemingly better. But is it too perfect to be true?
New Director Offers Vision for Faith-Based Office
Joshua DuBois tells CT how the new Office for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships is different from the Bush administration's office.
Pastoral Scene
Also: A tough week for the Vatican, talking about mercy, and Proposition 8's big spenders.
The Men Behind the Myths
The Men Behind the Myths
Short profiles of Olaf Stapledon, Erich von Däniken, Ray Kurzweil, Freeman Dyson, and Lee M. Silver.
Sci-Fi's Brave New World
Sci-Fi's Brave New World
How the genre draws us to its own views of redemption.
An Entertaining Saboteur
Facebook promises to connect us to one another. Is that what you are doing right now?
When Serving Makes You Sick
Habitat for Humanity Founder Millard Fuller Dies at 74
The ministry that Fuller helped found has helped move at least 300,000 families into homes.
The 2008 Critics' Choice Awards
The year's best movies include a caped superhero, a noble little robot, a recovering addict seeking forgiveness, a kid from the slums, and much more.
Speaking Out: Memo to Worship Bands
Memo to Worship Bands
Five sound reasons to lower the volume.
The Fray
I Believe There Is More
Lost Messengers: The Outtakes
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The Flannery O’Connor Novel That Might Have Been
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