December (Web-only) 2010

BiutifulSubscriber Access Only
A man tries to turn brokenness into beauty, but the story is hard to follow.
The Top 10 Her.meneutics Posts of the YearSubscriber Access Only
The women's blog posts that most caught your attention in 2010.
Our Favorite Books by WomenSubscriber Access Only
Or at least the ones that we read in 2010.
de-plumedSubscriber Access Only
A Sweet, Sweet SoundSubscriber Access Only
I was a legalistic religious hypocrite before I started learning the 'true' spirit of worship.
Gulliver's TravelsSubscriber Access Only
Skims the major points, but completely misses Swift's underlying themes.
Me? Favored? By God?Subscriber Access Only
The remarkable announcement to Mary—and us.
Come AwaySubscriber Access Only
SomewhereSubscriber Access Only
Sofia Coppola's latest explores the empty life of a lonely playboy.
True GritSubscriber Access Only
The Coens make their first Western—and it's one of the best movies of their career.
The Best Ever Christmas GiftSubscriber Access Only
Women in particular, it seems to me, have a hard time thinking of themselves as gifts.
Top Ten MonksSubscriber Access Only
Engaging HBO documentary on Cistercian monastery is ultimately a film about God.
Old AngelSubscriber Access Only
Notable Sacred Music of 2010Subscriber Access Only
Twelve of the best albums in the choral and classical genres.
Nancy Pearcey: How to Respond to DoubtSubscriber Access Only
The most effective way to prevent teens from leaving the faith is to openly discuss the reasons they want to.
Heeding the CallSubscriber Access Only
Compelling PBS documentary profiles aspiring young clergy from three faiths.
An Un-Christmas-Like IdeaSubscriber Access Only
Four days of Advent readings, excerpted from 'God Is in the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas.' By Dietrich Bonhoeffer
What Is the Stay-at-Home Daughters Movement?Subscriber Access Only
What the branch of the Christian Patriarchy Movement believes about family and young women.
Redeeming December Days Subscriber Access Only
Advent prompts a larger, cosmic question: What do I do while waiting?
Rabbit HoleSubscriber Access Only
Kidman, Eckhart give stellar performances in a quiet tale of grief and (perhaps) healing.
Tron: LegacySubscriber Access Only
Despite eye-popping visual effects, this sequel suffers from a muddled, confusing plot.
The Great IncompatibilitySubscriber Access Only
Jesus is interested in the oddest things.
The Lost Virtue of CourtesySubscriber Access Only
It doesn't necessarily "get better."
Lynne Hybels: My Lazy Christmas WishSubscriber Access Only
At 29, 39, and 49, I couldn't imagine an unhurried holiday season. At 59, I have realized that very little matters.
Holiday Shopping for JesusSubscriber Access Only
How women—who have begun to out-earn men in the U.S. business sector—can use their holiday spending to glorify God.
'Happy Holidays' in Church?Subscriber Access Only
While some Christian groups continue the battle over seasons-greetings language, I wonder if many churches are forsaking the reason for the season.
Longest YearSubscriber Access Only
Carry Me HomeSubscriber Access Only
The Beatles, Vivaldi, and GodSubscriber Access Only
How the Fab Four and a classical composer inspired me to do something bright and beautiful.
The FighterSubscriber Access Only
David O. Russell's latest delivers a knockout blow in one of the best films of the year.
The TouristSubscriber Access Only
Tepid romance and sluggish action can't match the beauty of Venice.
'Tangled,' Kate Middleton, and Modern PrincessesSubscriber Access Only
Why Disney's newest fairy tale—and England's real-life one—give me hope for my 6-year-old niece.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderSubscriber Access Only
This passable adaptation disappointingly lacks the awe and wonder of the book.
Virtual Flirting Comes to Christian CollegesSubscriber Access Only
Is, the newest fad in Internet dating, a fun diversion or an impediment to healthy community?
And He Almost Deserved ItSubscriber Access Only
London's Will Poulter was born to play Eustace Scrubb, the bratty young boy in 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader,' opening this week.
A Peter Singer Sympathizer Changes His MindSubscriber Access Only
After his infant son, August, suffers irreparable brain damage, professor Chris Gabbard re-thinks what makes a life worth living.
Faint NotSubscriber Access Only
Your WorldSubscriber Access Only
The PromiseSubscriber Access Only
Say GoodbyeSubscriber Access Only
Marriage: Marginalized in the MiddleSubscriber Access Only
The American retreat from marriage is moving into the heart of the social order: the middle class.
Christ Lifts the Widow's VeilSubscriber Access Only
In 'The Undistracted Widow,' Carol Cornish says her husband's death opened a door to dependence on God that marriage had not permitted
The Changing Political LandscapeSubscriber Access Only
Activists face six new realities.
The Narnia PolicemanSubscriber Access Only
Douglas Gresham, C. S. Lewis's stepson and co-producer of the Narnia movies, is the keeper of his stepfather's flame.
Black SwanSubscriber Access Only
A beautiful and engrossing ballet thriller, though slightly over-the-top.
'Hallelujah' Comes to the Food CourtSubscriber Access Only
Why one performance of Handel's 'Messiah' has attracted an audience of over 7 million.
Evangelizing OurselvesSubscriber Access Only
The gospel is for Christians too.
Steve Johnson's Genie-in-a-Bottle GodSubscriber Access Only
The Buffalo Bills' wide receiver blamed the Lord via Twitter after he dropped the winning touchdown pass in a 19-16 loss to the Steelers.

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