July (Web-only) 2010

Charlie St. CloudSubscriber Access Only
This romantic drama set against the sailing culture of the Pacific Northwest has a supernatural twist. And yes, Zac Efron can act.
Get LowSubscriber Access Only
Robert Duvall is terrific in this Flannery O'Connor-esque Southern folk tale, playing an eccentric hermit who wants to hold his own funeral—'before' he dies.
The Glamorous Life of the Pregnant TeenagerSubscriber Access Only
Do pop culture's portrayals of teen pregnancy harm young women?
God Talk Is DangerousSubscriber Access Only
Apparently the Almighty has given us permission to talk about that which we know relatively little about.
News Flash: Dads Are NurturingSubscriber Access Only
More fathers want an active role in caring for their children. Will U.S. employers be able to adjust?
A Comic-Con Recap from a 'Pastor of the Nerds'Subscriber Access Only
Tony Kim tries to build bridges between fandom and the kingdom.
The 'Low'-Down on Robert DuvallSubscriber Access Only
The veteran actor discusses his new film 'Get Low', a folk tale about an eccentric recluse—and gets a little feisty about 'The Apostle.'
MinesSubscriber Access Only
VesselsSubscriber Access Only
Counting StarsSubscriber Access Only
Parenting ImperfectaSubscriber Access Only
Every mom has limitations. Mine are just easy to see.
Naming Their Enemy: Elena Kagan or Glenn Beck?Subscriber Access Only
Political activists choose their battles as conservatives oppose the Supreme Court nominee and progressives respond, yet again, to the FoxNews host.
SaltSubscriber Access Only
Angelina Jolie plays a CIA agent who might also be a Russian assassin in this enjoyably fast-paced but frustratingly unresolved action thriller.
Ramona and BeezusSubscriber Access Only
The classic children's books come to life as Ramona tries her best to keep the Quimby family afloat.
Grieving a MiscarriageSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from Shauna Niequist's new book, 'Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way'.
Why I Can't Boycott Mel GibsonSubscriber Access Only
And it's not because he is "too talented," as 'Salon' wrote last week.
The Good Christian Girl: A FableSubscriber Access Only
What heeding a decade and a half of dating advice can mean.
How Many Kids Should We Have?Subscriber Access Only
To answer the question, Christian couples need more than a few select Bible verses.
SweetgrassSubscriber Access Only
This documentary about the last of the sheepherding in Montana's Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness is a poetic elegy to the American West and the way we once were.
InceptionSubscriber Access Only
Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated sci-fi action thriller is a brilliant and brainy masterpiece that demands to be seen again ... and again.
Multitasking: Bad for the SoulSubscriber Access Only
Sure, I was getting a lot done as a mother of four. But I was having a hard time obeying God.
Divine Drama QueenSubscriber Access Only
But I'd secretly rather have a God who is a non-anxious presence.
Higher GoalsSubscriber Access Only
Brazilian evangelicals will be ready when nation hosts 2014 World Cup.
The Sorcerer's ApprenticeSubscriber Access Only
This fantasy film lacks the magic to truly cast the audience in its spell.
You're Never 'Ready' to ParentSubscriber Access Only
Entering the inconvenience of parenthood is indeed stressful—and full of grace.
Following Christ at a Porn ConventionSubscriber Access Only
Immigration Reform: Another Christian ViewSubscriber Access Only
Forging a just public policy is more complex than the public rhetoric.
Remembering MalatyaSubscriber Access Only
Documentary recalls Christian martyrs in Turkey.
My Top 5 Movies on MortalitySubscriber Access Only
Films that take a compelling look at death and dying.
'Couldn't Be Better'Subscriber Access Only
In his first year as new frontman of Newsboys, Michael Tait says he couldn't ask for a better fit.
My Room in the TreesSubscriber Access Only
Born AgainSubscriber Access Only
Church Volunteers: An OxymoronSubscriber Access Only
Why I've stopped using the word 'volunteer' to describe those who serve.
Is Immigration Reform 'A Moral Imperative'?Subscriber Access Only
Evangelical leaders supported Obama's call for comprehensive immigration reform, but that doesn't mean that the debate among political activists is over. Plus, which issues activists want Congress to tackle this summer.
PredatorsSubscriber Access Only
Nearly 25 years after the original, this worthy sequel does well in building suspense and intrigue, but ultimately settles into predictable action and violence.
Despicable MeSubscriber Access Only
A surprisingly charming and hilarious animated feature about a super villain whose life is changed in surprising ways.
'Eat, Pray, Love' Book ClubSubscriber Access Only
Join us August 12 for Her.meneutics' first book discussion.
The Top 10 of 2010—So FarSubscriber Access Only
The widest-read Her.meneutics posts of the year.
Is the Christian Legal Society's Loss a Loss for Everyone?Subscriber Access Only
What the Supreme Court's verdict means for campus ministries.
Needed: More Monocultural MinistriesSubscriber Access Only
Why Christians shouldn't try to fit every ethnic group into the same ministry mold.
Stalked by a PriestSubscriber Access Only
Donna Freitas's 'This Gorgeous Game', about a priest obsessed with a teenage girl, is a work of deep empathy and disturbing believability.
Harnessing Haiti's Football FeverSubscriber Access Only
How one ministry is using Haitians' passion for soccer to dispel post-earthquake stress.
The MedicineSubscriber Access Only
Set It on FireSubscriber Access Only
AliveSubscriber Access Only
Sacred Music RoundupSubscriber Access Only
This new roundup looks at the best new releases in sacred music. Highlights include Libera, James Whitbourn, and the National Lutheran Choir.
The 'D Word' at U.S. Christian CollegesSubscriber Access Only
At my Christian university, we are working toward reconciliation across ethnic and racial lines. We have a ways to go.
Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! God Save This Honorable CourtSubscriber Access Only
Political activists focused on Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings even as the Supreme Court ruled on an important religious liberty case.
RestrepoSubscriber Access Only
Following a year in the life of a platoon on the frontlines of Afghanistan, this award-winning documentary plays somewhat detached despite the remarkably intimate war footage.
Skinny Jeans, Nose Jobs, and JesusSubscriber Access Only
In 'Unsqueezed', Margot Starbuck explores what shopping and eating to the glory of God looks like.
The Last AirbenderSubscriber Access Only
The successful children's adventure series could have made for a stellar big-screen blockbuster. Unfortunately, this isn't it.

Top Story August 6, 2020

Refugee Converts Aren’t ‘Fraudsters,’ German Pastors Say
Refugee Converts Aren’t ‘Fraudsters,’ German Pastors Say
Churches push back on immigrant officials' new skepticism of authentic faith.