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A summary of what's in the greatest book of all time.
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Wouldn't you love to be able to grasp what the entire Bible contains in just a few minutes? This compilation of the themes of the Bible will allow you to do just that. The following is a summary of what each book of the Bible contains. Keep it handy to refer to as you study and read.


God is creator (1)
God communicates with human beings (1,2)
Sin is a present reality (3)
Sin messes up relationships (3)
God seeks out those who have sinned (3)
Start-over opportunities are available to those who've sinned (3)
Sin is the cause of death (3)
Sin erupts in violence (4)
Sin spirals and invades all of life (6)
God can't let sin go on forever (6-9)
Sometimes nearly everything must be destroyed to start over
Heritage trees are important (10)
Humans challenge God's primacy (11)
God calls people for specific purposes (12)
God wants people to respond to His words in faith (15:6)
Faithful obedience is a hallmark of faith
God seeks out covenant relationships with people (9, 12, 15, 17)
God uses flawed people (25, 27)
God tests our trust (22)
God's plans demand patience
Children often have the same flaws as their parents (20, 26)
Peacemaking is a valuable trait (26)
Taking matters into our own hands has consequences (30)
Responsible people don't let setbacks stall them (Joseph)
Eventually responsibility and excellence are rewarded (Joseph)

Slavery is a human predicament (1-4)
God raises key people for specific needs (2-4)
God is known through his names (3)
Often people endure long hardship before God bails them out
God's super drama is behind the scenes of life
Better get used to waiting
Things may get worse before they get better
Salvation comes through God
God is the true liberator
Commemorative celebration is appropriate for our deliverance (12)
Eating is a form of celebration (12)
National triumphs can be memorialized.
God's majesty breaks through at times (3, 19, 32)
Divine drama is spectacular (19).
for some issues God has an absolute agenda (20)
God gives us guidance through his laws (20)
God's law covers a wide range of subjects
Don't expect deliverance to come without struggles (14, 16)
Leaders need support (17)
God has some distinct ideas about worship (25-40)
God expects to be approached in specific and solemn ways (25-40)
God develops heroes (4, 32-33)
Seeing God's face means having a personal relationship with him (33
You can't approach God in any old way
Through the sacrificial death of another we may approach God
God's presence resides among his people (40)

How to approach God is vital (1-7)
Cleanliness can depict godliness (11-15)
Holiness is a chief concern to God
God is interested in what people eat (11)
God is concerned with all of life (11-15)
Celebrating is a wholesome experience (23)
Sin must be removed from our fellowship

Get organized for maximum efficiency
Life wandering can result from sinful choices
God has to discipline his people at times
There's a place for the gung-ho (6)
God gets sick of people complaining (11.
We must resist the mob mentality (13-14)
Rebellion can be serious (16)
God provides (20-21)
Don't make an ass of yourself (22)
Beware of prophets for profit (23-25)
All God's people should have their share (34)

New adaptations have to be made for new generations (5)
Life must be governed by God's truth
God gives guidelines about teaching children wisely (6)
God takes covenant relationship seriously
Don't have idols (9)
God has something to say on the subject of war (20)
Evading the truth has consequences (28)

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