No More "One Size Fits All" Outreach

The New Testament is full of different types of evangelism.
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A Serving Approach

In Acts 9, we meet a woman who had a heart to serve others. Her name was Dorcas. Her servant's attitude became a bridge to evangelism. Her acts of mercy and kindness opened the door for the gospel. In the same way, many people today love to help others in need. They have compassion and naturally serve their neighbors and even people they have never met.

No matter what your evangelism style, God has a plan to use you to be his light in this world. The experience of outreach does not have to be uncomfortable or fear-filled. It can be natural and joyful. The key is learning that we each have a unique way to reach out. In the same way that our DNA and fingerprints are distinct, so is our evangelism style. We are called to discover our God-given approach and to join the outreach revolution.

Adapted from chapter 17 of Seismic Shifts by Kevin G. Harney (Zondervan, 2009). Used with permission.

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