Bible Studies for the alphabet G
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God and the Money Goddess
A self-driven philosophy about money causes spiritual damage.
Single Session Bible Study


Ayn Rand, author most notably of Atlas Shrugged, may be the most influential economic philosopher you've never heard of. Jennifer Burns called Rand the "goddess of ...

Get Rid of Fear
We don’t have to let fear rule us.
Single Session Bible Study

Get Rid of Fear "(1 Session Bible Study)"


We can get rid of fear and anxiety by recognizing that God doesn't want us to be enslaved to our fears and that ...

Gordon MacDonald on Our Spiritual Journey
Gordon MacDonald helps you define and map out the road you're on.
4 Session Bible Study

Do you really know where you are and where you are going? What do you think it means to look for God in the lofty places? The lowly places? Have you ever met someone you thought ...

God of Power, God of Love
God demonstrates his power in strength and in weakness.
Single Session Bible Study


Who is God? Sometimes our conceptions of God fall into one of two unfortunate but common stereotypes. Is he the commanding God of the Old Testament or the forgiving God ...

Getting Real
How to be a genuine leader.
Single Session Bible Study


Good leaders inspire us. They don't hide their imperfections, but display how they trust God in the midst of them. Those leaders who appear faultless intimidate us. ...

God in the Movies
Interpretations of God found in film are significant. What is true and what is not?
13 Session Bible Study

Over the years, Hollywood has portrayed God in a variety of different ways. Some movies paint God in a positive light, while others portray him as distant or uncaring. In this 13-session ...

Getting Along with People Course
Relationships can be complicated. But we can't live our lives alone; we must get along with others.
5 Session Bible Study

Relationships can be complicated. But we can't live our lives alone; we must get along with others. Fortunately, God has shown us how it should be done. This five-session course ...

Gift of Life
Get practical, biblical perspectives on birth-control, abortion, and the role of Christians in these issues.
3 Session Bible Study

What does it mean that God is the creator of life? Does that mean that we should not be using birth control? What does it mean concerning a decision to have an abortion? How do ...

Galatians: The Essence of Being a Christian
Paul teaches about the freedom of living under the grace of Christ.
3 Session Bible Study

As Christians, we believe we are saved by faith alone. But we often live as though God accepts and loves us based on our actions. This three-session course explores Galatians, where ...

Galatians: The Fruit of the Spirit
Take an in-depth look at all 9 aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit.
9 Session Bible Study

Paul's underlying theme in Galatians is the grace of God, supplied through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His sacrifice is the supreme example of godly love, and ...

Genesis: Promised Land Living
This four-session course helps us learn how to follow God wherever he leads.
4 Session Bible Study

The purpose of this course is to help us learn how to follow God wherever he leads. A major theme of Genesis is God calling Abram to a land he would show him. Along with that land, ...

Marriage Is a Partnership
Biblical perspectives for couples on money, differences, sex, and more.
6 Session Bible Study

These six sessions help couples grow in their relationship to God. You’ll get practical, biblical perspectives on money, differences, sex, and more.

Session 1

Faith as the Marriage ...

Great Commission Complete?
The growth of Christianity in Latin America, Africa, and Asia should make us rethink our approach to missions.
Single Session Bible Study


Philip Jenkins, author of "Companions of Life," says, "By the 13th century, there were probably more Christians in Asia than in Europe." He claims that, ...

Getting Through the Rough Spots
Gain a new perspective on difficulties.
Single Session Bible Study


When thinking back to the fairytales we read as children, one thing is pretty evident: life isn't like that. It doesn't take long in a marriage to realize there will be ...

God's Workshop
Marriage can be a way to become more like Christ.
Single Session Bible Study


Some couples look like they were born to be with their mates, while others grow into their relationships. We all have ups and downs, but our goal is to become one, as God ...

Great Expectations
How to raise or lower the bars we set for our children.
Single Session Bible Study


Some parents put unrealistic expectations on their children, who attempt to meet those expectations—and when they miss struggle with feelings of failure. Other parents ...

God and Government
How should the kingdom of God affect the kingdoms of this world?
Single Session Bible Study


We learn early in school about the different branches of government. We discuss terms like "balance of powers" and play out scenarios of one branch of our government ...

Glorify God Together: A Marriage of Purpose
How can our marriage be in one accord, so that with one heart and voice we glorify God?
Single Session Bible Study

Overview A marriage centered on Christ is specifically focused on glorifying God, according to Rick Warren in his article entitled “The Purpose-Driven Marriage,” written ...

This epic film set in the second-century Roman Empire follows a general’s fall from power and subsequent struggle for revenge against a treacherous Caesar.
Single Session Bible Study


Gladiator follows Roman general Maximus as he loses power to corrupt Caesar Commodus and escapes from execution. Commodus also takes the only things that truly matter to Maximus—his ...

Genetically Modified Food
How is genetically modified food affecting our world—and our souls?
Single Session Bible Study


Since 1996, the United States has been producing genetically modified crops. Scientists are spreading the techniques of industrial-style farming around the world. The U.S. ...

21 – 40 of 44 Studies

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