Suffering Redeemed

Suffering Redeemed

Stories of Grace in the Midst of Personal Tragedy
8 Session Bible Study


When we suffer and there is no way out, we don't want glib advice. But we will listen to a fellow sufferer's story.

"Musicians and painters and writers of fiction," says William Stuntz, "are much better situated to understand the Christian story, because the Christian story is a story, not a theory or an argument." They are also better able to tell their stories of suffering that have been redeemed in Christ.

This eBook contains stories of faithful men and women who have faced trials and tribulations and have found Christ in the midst of them. In this little volume, you'll find honest reflection on real suffering and absolute dependence on Christ, even when all hope seemed lost.

After reading these stories, you won't walk away with five things to do to relieve your pain. You'll just walk away with a deeper trust in the presence and power of Christ, who works all things—all things!—for good for those who believe.

Table of Contents


CANCER Chapter 1:Three Gifts for Hard Times William J. Stuntz

INFERTILITY Chapter 2:Blessed Are the Barren Sarah Hinlicky Wilson

AGING Chapter 3:The Joy of Aging Don Bastian

DEPRESSION Chapter 4: Light When All Is Dark Kathryn Greene-McCreight

SCHIZOPHRENIA Chapter 5: God of the Schizophrenic David Weiss

DEATH OF A SON Chapter 6: In the Valley of the Shadow of Suicide Christine Scheller

DEATH OF A BROTHER Chapter 7: In the Shadow of Mt. Hood Frank James, Jr.

DEATH OF A SPOUSE Chapter 8: The Widow's Might Miriam Neff

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