December (Web-only) 2003

A Christmas Story
Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Paul O'Neill explains how his dream for a storytelling symphonic rock band evolved into a Christmas phenomenon.
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
The Christian virtues of humility and sacrifice filter through a tarnished triumph.
The Carl Henry that Might Have Been
Carl Henry will be remembered as someone who, in a confusing age, held forth the solid middle of a faith that fortifies the whole human person against the fraying ends of irrationalism and superstition.
Exegeting The Matrix
Exegeting The Matrix
"A lot of spiritual stuff went into The Matrix films, but not as much as some authors think"
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Urban Eden
"In City: Urbanism and Its End, a new history of New Haven, Connecticut, the city (in its late 19th-century form) is an ambiguous heaven-and the suburbs that relentlessly followed are hell. Which leaves us where, exactly?"
LA Times Continues Its Discovery of Christian Higher Ed
Undergraduate schools given the same grades they've seen before
Attacks on 'Soft Targets' in Iraq Hampering Humanitarian Groups
The Oct. 27 suicide bombing that targeted the International Committee of the Red Cross struck a blow to all humanitarian organizations in Iraq
Newsweek Goes to Sunday School
"And learns about all the women in the Bible, who have been there for millennia"
Oh Who Are the Evangelicals in Your Neighborhood?
U.S. News examines the movement and its founder Jonathan Edwards. Plus: on Lewis and Tolkien.
Supreme Court Justices Ask 'How High a Wall of Separation?'
"Should the Supreme Court strike down Washington State's Blaine Amendments, the implications nationwide would be breathtaking"
"Film Forum: In America, The Missing Explore Parent-Child Bonds"
"Religious press critics review In America, The Missing, Timeline, The Haunted Mansion, Bad Santa, The Cooler, more Cat in the Hat criticism, news about a movie studio marketing to churches, Billy Graham's views on The Passion of the Christ, and a Columbin"
Heavy Lifting During a Busy Religion News Week
"Oodles of religion news stories, on topics from Joyce Meyer to Franklin Graham, from gay marriage to The Passion of the Christ"
300-Year-Old Man Returns to Lead His Church
Evangelicals need this grandfather-figure more than ever
O Christmas Tree
A truly traditional tree would be unrecognizable—and flammable
Weblog Bonus: You'd Better Watch Out
Battles over holiday displays are chief among the 230 religion news stories you'll find from online news stories around the world
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Is Sensual Orthodoxy a Contradiction in Terms?
Read this unconventional collection of sermons and judge for yourself.
Fuller Seminary to Create Interfaith Code of Ethics
"Statement prohibits proselytizing, but school leaders say gracious evangelism still acceptable. Huh?"
"Books & Culture Corner: Books, Books, Books!"
We begin our annual roundup
Carl F.H. Henry, Theologian and First Editor of Christianity Today, Dies at 90
Thinker helped to shape many evangelical institutions and efforts, from higher education to ecumenism
Shut Up and Embrace Diversity
Some find tolerance intolerable
Mary Poplin Calls Claremont Her Calcutta
"After seeking God through telepathic spoon bending exercises, this professor found God, and with the help of Mother Teresa, her calling"
Illinois Remembers Paul Simon's Integrity
"Fuller will proselytize, but not in its Muslim peacemaking program"
Work over Welfare
Former Illinois Senator Paul Simon discusses his plan to put the poor to work
Censoring Christmas
Public Christmas displays, like the Ten Commandments, are allowed—as long as they don't mean anything religious
Weblog O.D.s on Christmas
The stuff Christmas is supposed to be about: giving. And Franklin Graham tells Sudan's president he wants to preach in the country
"Film Forum: Christian Critics Hail Third Rings, Harass Last Samurai"
"Christian press critics sneak a peek at The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, charge against The Last Samurai, and dance to the beat of Honey. Plus, more reviews of 21 Grams, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and Mel Gibson's The P"
"Weblog: Research May Allow Gay Couples to Have Children Genetically Their Own, but Not in Italy"
": France bans Islamic headscarves, blending religion and politics, and hundreds of articles from online sources around the world"
Can Anything Good Come Out of New England?
Evangelical revival in the land of the liberal Brahmins may not be as historically odd as we suppose
Books at Warp Speed
We continue our annual roundup of noteworthy books
Iraqi Christians Celebrate Saddam's Capture
Chaldean Christian communities in the U.S. call arrest a Christmas present
Michael Card Discovers St. Peter
The musician decided to talk less in concert and more in print. Card says sinking is more important than walking on the water
Time Goes Gnostic
"Christmas, Carl Henry, more Gnostics, and other articles from online sources around the world"
The Lure of the Obvious in Peter Jackson's The Return of the King
"The film adaptations of a 1,200 page novel required making significant changes to the story. But at what cost?"
FDA Panel Recommends Over-the-counter 'Morning After' Pill
"Episcopalians form alternative network, lesbians in Iowa want a divorce and other stories from online sources around the world"
Where to Go for all Things Tolkien
"The best sites on the Internet about the man, his faith, his books, the Inklings and the movies"
French Schools Ban Islamic Headscarves; U.S. Schools Practice Islam
"Court upholds Ohio's partial-birth abortion ban, library allows paintings of Jesus, and stories from online sources around the world"
Peter Jackson Crowns the King of All Adventure Series
"Christian film critics celebrate The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and some sit down to talk with its stars. Reviews are also in for Big Fish, Something's Gotta Give, and Stuck on You. Plus, Medved raves about In America"
Bethlehem Prepares for Dour Christmas
"Tons more on Christmas, the lies of Da Vinci, State Department's religious freedom report, Christian video games, and hundreds of stories from online sources around the world"
Behind the Anglican Division—Power, Money, and Love
The Guardian explores the liberal/evangelical divide without the stereotypes
The Top Ten Books of 2003
"The Worst Book of the Year, more good reading, digital books, and a little Christmas music"
Has Emergent Emerged?
"More Christmas stories, China prepares for Christmas and demolishes churches, as well as Christians in Iraq, Anglicans in New Westminster, The Blind Boys of Alabama and articles from online sources around the world"
Return of the Raves
"Film critics continue to pile praise on The Return of the King, while readers have some gripes. Critics also examine Mona Lisa Smile, House of Sand and Fog, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Statement. Plus: More reviews of In America, The Last Samurai, Big"
The Habits of Highly Effective Bible Readers
What we can learn from the church fathers that will enrich our own Bible study
Catastrophe at Orthodox Church Camp
"Dean to promote his religion, Stott suffers mild stroke, and the Grand Canyon controversy returns"
A Few Coming Attractions from 2004
"What to buy with those gift cards, and some of the books in my to-read stacks"
Twelve Dead in Church Camp Mudslide
"Two, including pastor's 6-month-old son, still missing as rescue hopes fade"
Renewed Hope for Adult Stem Cell Research
"Rebels murder Vatican's envoy to Burundi, leading evangelical theologian calls Bush and Blair white vigilantes, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Churches Demolished at Sudanese Refugee Camp
Bulldozers raze prayer centers as part of government re-planning exercise.
Federal Judge Says City Shouldn't Have Banned 'Jesus Is Alive' Sign
"Stolen Jesuses, changes at Bibleman HQ, and many more religion stories from online sources around the world"
Christian Critics Recommend Year's Most Overlooked Films
"Christian critics highlight this year's unseen treasures. Plus, reviews of Peter Pan, Cold Mountain, Paycheck, Cheaper by the Dozen, and more reviews of The Return of the King."
American Missionary Murdered in Kenya
"Moving the polls over Robinson, Laos arrests 11 for Christmas prayer, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Resolutions Worth Keeping
"The origins of new years' resolutions, and one famous list"

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AI Preachers and Teachers? No Thanks, Say Most Americans.
AI Preachers and Teachers? No Thanks, Say Most Americans.
American Bible Society study finds majority don’t trust technology with spiritual matters.

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