September (Web-only) 2006

King's Men Coulda Been a ContenderSubscriber Access Only
Christian critics examine All the King's Men, Jet Li's Fearless, Flyboys, Half Nelson, and Jackass: Number Two, and offer more perspective on Everyone's Hero and The Last Kiss.
Is Jesus Camp Objective? Or Unfair?Subscriber Access Only
Christians debate the documentary Jesus Camp; even Ted Haggard joins the fray. The Black Dahlia takes us to the dark side, while Gridiron Gang and Everyone's Hero make sports fans and families cheer. Plus: The Last Kiss, and more reviews of Lassie and Hollywoodland.
Hollywoodland: Awards for Affleck?Subscriber Access Only
Hollywoodland explores a sleazy mystery. The Protector is all stunts, no story. Plus, The Covenant, more criticism for The Wicker Man, and more enthusiasm for Little Miss Sunshine.
Lassie's Back, Better Than EverSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics are pleasantly surprised by Lassie, but aren't so happy to see The Wicker Man again. Plus, Crank, Trust the Man, Crossover, and This Film Is Not Yet Rated.
Pope's Bodyguards Turn 500Subscriber Access Only
The story behind the Swiss Guards.
Facing the GiantsSubscriber Access Only
The GuardianSubscriber Access Only
Open SeasonSubscriber Access Only
The Last King of ScotlandSubscriber Access Only
Letter to a Tenured ProfessorSubscriber Access Only
Andy Crouch writes back to Edward O. Wilson.
Facing the CriticsSubscriber Access Only
Alex Kendrick, writer/director of a new Christian film, Facing the Giants, was in the news over an MPAA ratings flap regarding his project. Now he's answering his critics—and talking up his movie.
All the King's MenSubscriber Access Only
FlyboysSubscriber Access Only
The Science of SleepSubscriber Access Only
Lessons from a Punker Ph.D.Subscriber Access Only
Don't call my correspondence with Bad Religion's Greg Graffin a debate.
Super-Mega Weblog: Thousands of Articles, One StorySubscriber Access Only
Actually, there are dozens of interesting religion stories beyond the Pope Benedict and Islam conflict, including a worship ban in libraries, All Saints's ongoing fight with the IRS, Kerry's remarkable religion speech, and a fall TV preview.
Fox Targets ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Media giant aims to reach evangelical market with introduction of FoxFaith brand, feature up to 12 films per year.
Seeking Biblical Principles to Inform Immigration PolicySubscriber Access Only
Scripture provides more than easy slogans and soft platitudes about welcoming foreigners.
Christians as a 'Niche' Market?Subscriber Access Only
The Biola Media Conference included lively debates about Hollywood's efforts to reach a Christian audience. The opportunities are exciting, but are the results much good?
A Cartoonish Response to Benedict's SpeechSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Booted broadcasters boo TBN, chaplain prayer battles, the new State Department religious freedom report, and other stories from online sources around the world.
A Win for WiccaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The benefits of blue laws, the latest Presbyterian and Episcopal battles, reaction to the Pope's anti-jihad comments, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Delighted by DoctrineSubscriber Access Only
Historian Jaroslav Pelikan (1923-2006) thought theology was too important to be left to the theologians.
Court Says Tithing Not an Option for the BankruptSubscriber Access Only
1998 law let bankrupt give, but judge says 2005 bankruptcy reform law "closes the door."
The Black DahliaSubscriber Access Only
Everyone's HeroSubscriber Access Only
The Last KissSubscriber Access Only
Joel Osteen vs. Rick Warren on Prosperity GospelSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Hindus attack Catholic school over "séance," court approves Jesus prayers in government meetings, the latest on Iraq Christians, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Jesus, M.D.Subscriber Access Only
Two authors assail our approach to health care and offer a church-based vision for understanding medicine.
On Fire at Jesus CampSubscriber Access Only
A new documentary depicts charismatic kids who are articulate and take faith seriously. But have they been "indoctrinated"? Is it a fair representation of evangelicals? Or too political? We asked the directors.
God Really Is WinningSubscriber Access Only
America has fewer non-religious, new survey asserts.
He Gives, and Takes AwaySubscriber Access Only
You're probably familiar with the Casting Crowns hit single "Praise You in This Storm." In this excerpt from his new book Lifestories, frontman Mark Hall tells the story behind the song.
HollywoodlandSubscriber Access Only
Leading Expatriate Pastor David Petrescue KilledSubscriber Access Only
Cairo's Maadi Community Church loses top leader after tragic fall.
'I Have Embraced Islam and Say the Word Allah'Subscriber Access Only
Forced conversion to Islam trickles into the news. Plus: W.V. school dispute keeps going, WSJ highlights Purpose Driven criticism, reading this Weblog may make you fat, and other stories from online sources around the world.
It Wasn't Really About WhiskeySubscriber Access Only
A compelling and entertaining but also deeply flawed account of an episode in early American history.
How to Fix CCMSubscriber Access Only
Mute Math sued its record company for marketing them as a "Christian band." Producer/author Mark Joseph says that's just one symptom of a broken industry... and he's got some ideas how to fix it.
The Square Pegs of Christian MusicSubscriber Access Only
Indie artists Andrew Peterson, Jill Phillips, and Andrew Osenga weren't necessarily a good fit for typical record labels, so they joined some fellow indies and formed their own group: The Square Peg Alliance.
W.V. School District Won't Fight ACLU Over Jesus Painting After TheftSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Southwestern Seminary rebukes chapel speaker over tongues admission, Georgetown's evangelicals protest ministry ousting, the furor over Katherine Harris's comments keeps going, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Scrubbing CleanFlicks
Scrubbing CleanFlicksSubscriber Access Only
It's about the rule of law, not the morals of film.
LassieSubscriber Access Only
The Wicker ManSubscriber Access Only
Gravity | LoveSubscriber Access Only
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
Politics remain divisive, but churches seek unity in prayer.