September (Web-only) 2008

No More Cheesy, Churchy Videos
The Biola Media Conference included lively debates about Hollywood's efforts to reach a Christian audience. The opportunities are exciting, but are the results much good?
A Christian View of the Economic Crisis
Is the economy really driven by greed?
Christian Financial World Sees Silver Lining in Banking Mess
Firms have generally avoided debt and speculative practices, experts and insiders say.
Lost & Found
Jazzy R&B/pop
Consuming Faith
Tyler Wigg Stevenson says real Christianity isn't the kind you can buy.
Buy to Be, Be to Buy
Sure, consumerism is bad. But we need to think about why.
Q & A: Dave Ramsey
The popular Christian financial adviser on why he thinks the bailout is a disaster.
Eagle Eye
The Lucky Ones
Miracle at St. Anna
Nights in Rodanthe
Endorsing from the Pulpit
Pastors launch challenge of IRS rules on endorsements.
The Blind Spot of the Spiritual Formation Movement
Let's not forget the spiritual discipline of choice for the masses.
Still Growing
Kirk Cameron, best known as a teen idol in Growing Pains, has been in a lot of Christian movies lately—including Fireproof, from the makers of Facing the Giants.
Micah Challenge USA Urges Focus on Global Poverty
Evangelical church leaders plan to circulate letters to presidential candidates.
Repressing Religion
State Department blasts China on religious freedom.
Hollywood? No, SHER-wood!
How Sherwood Baptist Church became a hot spot for making Christian movies—including Facing the Giants and the upcoming Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron.
God Is Love
Robert Yarbrough comments on the plainspoken Beloved Disciple.
Americans' Angels
Also: Anglicans apologize for what?, Guess who's coming to dinner?, and other questions.
The Discipline of Solitude
Getting away from the podium and into God's presence.
The Duchess
Ghost Town
Lakeview Terrace
Evangelical Publishers Score Big with Palin Books
Tyndale picks up earlier title, and Zondervan taps Christian mystery writer.
Music Review: The Hold Steady
Debauchery and Crucifixes
The Hold Steady reminds us of "something bigger."
All You Need to Know About the Assemblies of God
A primer for Palin watchers and others.
Finding God in Ordinary Life
The great filmmaker Robert Bresson sought to depict truth and goodness in a world where "things are going very badly."
Indiana Hope-Filled Film Fest
Brighter Than Sundance
Indiana film festival finds success highlighting "hope and respect."
The List That Saved My Marriage
The List That Saved My Marriage
What an inventory of my husband's shortcomings taught me
Burn After Reading
Righteous Kill
The Women
A glittering couture-clad all-female cast tells a story about love and relationships, but with an unfortunately narcissistic bent.
From Misery to Mastery
Abused as a child, Tyler Perry has overcome his troubled past to become one of Hollywood's hottest names—all while remaining bold about his Christian faith.
One Stunning Island
Thanks to a film distributor called Film Movement, you too can discover rare and foreign cinematic treats like The Island and many more.
A Southern Baptist Manifesto
Dockery proposes keeping essentials and nonessentials in balance.
Bangkok Dangerous
Save Me
Salvation Not Needed
The star of Save Me says ex-gay ministries can do a world of good for its clients, but also believes there's no such thing as "converting" homosexuals to go straight.
Looking Back
Mike Roe discusses the inspiration behind Holy Ghost Building, the new album from the Seventy-Sevens that explores America's rich heritagee of gospel-blues.
The Ill-Tempered Klavier
Music to Raise the Dead: 1972-1998
Red Balloon
God and a Girl
Lost in Egypt
Ten Stones

Top Story July 16, 2024

Christian Duty in a Spiral Toward Unrest
Christian Duty in a Spiral Toward Unrest
Political violence looms large in our national history, to our shame. It does not have to define our future.

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