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Phoenix: Streams in the Desert

Like the Sonoran Desert in which it’s located, Phoenix, Arizona, hosts unlikely blooms among the hard-packed soil of deeply held emotions and beliefs about a people and place. Not far from the Mexico border, its 4.4 million people have grappled in recent years with the arrival of immigrant communities that many believe displace longstanding ones and drain resources. Thankfully, Christians in Phoenix are modeling winsome ways to respond to arriving communities with an on-the-ground hospitality that weeds out fear.

A Teacher Who Transcends the Job Description

When other educators left for better salaries, Thom Olmstead chose to stay for his students.

Loving the Loners, One Apartment at a Time

Chris and Bethany Priebe say Christians' greatest 'mission' in Phoenix may be relationship.

The Best Business Plan? Relationships

If Phoenix Christian Jade Meskill's success is any indication, collaboration and investing in employees isn't pie-in-the-sky idealism. It's just smart business.

How Creative Business Blesses a City

Phoenix native Aaron Klusman's fast-paced career is a model for Christian entrepreneurs nationwide.

Planting Gardens in Prison: Why We Labor for Shalom Now

Even though we know we can't usher in God's kingdom, we're still called to establish order, beauty, and abundance in this life.

Business Declares the Glory of God

How real-estate developer Walter Crutchfield's gift at making money became a vocation.

The Village Genius

Joe Johnston's residential community is designed for, well, community.

Mercy-Full Nurse

Charlotte Thrall provides free medical care to Phoenix's poor and undocumented immigrants.

Class Activist

Ian Danley believes high school is where Phoenix Latinos can step out and grasp a future.

A Christian Immigrant without Papers: Ricardo's Story

How the Mexico native's shattered dreams to play football fueled a new vocational calling.

Doctrine in the Desert: How Religion Informs the Immigration Debates

Ananda Rose's new book explores the religious motivations of Southwest groups on opposite sides of the immigration question.

Learning from the Artists about People and Place

Craig Goodworth's installation helped me see God's work in my current home of Durham.

Meanwhile, Love the Sojourner

How Phoenix Christians are helping illegal immigrants as they wait for the economy—and the law—to change.

You Are Where You Live

Where a person calls home may be their most defining quality, says artist Craig Goodworth.

Viewing Immigration from the Low Places: Ministry Leader Speaks Out on Controversial Law

Political sound bites lose their power when you get to know immigrants through flesh-and-blood ministry.


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