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New York

New York City: The Heart of the City

When most Americans hear the word city, they think of this place. Perhaps no other U.S. locale holds as much iconic cache as New York City, the port of entry for European immigrants arriving to America for over a century, forming five boroughs, each with its own ethnic and cultural flavor. The Bowery Mission, Riverside Church, Allen AME Church, and other historic landmarks have more recently been joined by a proliferation of immigrant churches and white evangelicals, who now compose up to 5 percent of NYC’s population. Here, charismatic Christians are challenging their city’s wide divide between weak and strong—and showing that there is a power beyond the dollar and the degree.

Getting New Yorkers to Hear the Word

How Bethany Jenkins's daily devotionals kickstart common-good Christianity in NYC.

Flooded by a Storm, Then by Grace

The superstorm almost destroyed our home. What happened afterward shocked me.

How Church Unity Overcame Hurricane Sandy

A look at Staten Island one year after the storm.

A Christian Covers the World's Longest Cocktail Party

An interview with Kelly Crow, who has reported on the contemporary art world for 'The Wall Street Journal' since 2006.

A Modern Dancer Embraces Motherhood

How NYC choreographer Elizabeth Dishman has thrived doing both.

Church Hunting? There's an App for That

How Sean Coughlin and the FaithStreet team are getting Americans into the pews.

Mentoring Mohammed: How Loving Schools Saves Souls

The story of a former pharisee turned public school champion.

Bringing Scripture to Life in New York's Arts Scene

How Jonathon Roberts and Emily Clare Zempel are creating the largest multidisciplinary illuminated Bible.

How to Pray for Your City

The story behind the prayer movement that ignited in New York City.

Believers in Every Borough

Five Christians shaping their city of 8.3 million.

An Unlikely Defender of Trafficked Women

How Jimmy Lee went from childhood bully to director of Restore NYC.

Yes, I'm the Mechanic

Auto-repair shop owner George Zaloom says there's no reason why every Christian shouldn't find joy at work.

Hurricane Sandy Unites New NYC Churches

Pastor Pete Armstrong says his church's relief efforts are among many common-good decisions to bless the Lower East Side.

Why Every City Needs a Central Park

And why more Christians are needed in urban planning.

Why Mako Fujimura Left New York City for the Country

The artist's move to Fuji farm follows a tradition of creatives finding new life away from bustling cities.

The Superman of Harlem: An Interview with Geoffrey Canada

The founder of the Harlem Children's Zone on why it takes a whole community to educate a child.

An Open to Letter to Tim Tebow on His Move to New York City

Why the evangelical quarterback has much to look forward to.

Why You Should Raise Your Kids in the City

Urban areas give children a glimpse of the big wide world—when you're still around to discuss it with them.

The Word on the Street in Manhattan and Philadelphia

NYC artist Gene Schmidt brings the words of Zechariah and 1 Corinthians to two urban landscapes.

Why the Supreme Court Ruling Is an Opportunity for NYC Christians

As churches—including my own—are forced to find new places to meet, we've been challenged to react with love.


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