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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Human Destiny in a Digital City

To find out what lies on the global digital horizon, a visit to Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay area is in high order. The headquarters of Hewlett-Packard, the first Apple store, and tech powerhouse Stanford University, Silicon Valley is also home to many Christians who combine a spirited California evangelicalism (think John Ortberg’s Menlo Park Presbyterian) with an investment in their community’s booming biotechnology business. How will their beliefs answer biotech’s fundamental claims about human destiny and the limits of control?

How to Get Out of Hipsterville

The value of knowing neighbors who don't drink the same coffee.

Shalom at the Tip of a Spray Paint Can

Muralist Dave Young Kim says his art is ultimately his city's, not his own.

Business as God Meant It to Be

Why Katie Nienow left youth ministry out of a love for economic justice.

A Youth-Run Supper Club That's Wowing San Francisco

How Teresa Goines is teaching troubled teens at Old Skool Cafe.

Following Jesus, the Best Tech Guru

How Michael Fang sees his leadership in medical technology as kingdom work.

Faith in the Free Market

Wes Selke's HUB Ventures invests in entrepreneurs whose products create a social good.

Saved by My Refugee Neighbors

How a group of Asian immigrants took a privileged, wandering guy into their family and embraced me.

A Designer Lighting the Way to Justice

Xianyi Wu's solar-lamp company has brought affordable lighting to over 10 million worldwide.

A California Climber Takes Up the Trafficking Fight

Betty Ann Boeving thinks the key to ending trafficking is to focus locally.

Here's to the Misfits

How Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are taking a leap of faith to create technology that makes you more human.

Stewards of Wealth Streams

Four Silicon Valley residents who are wielding their region's capital for good.


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