December (Web-only) 2001

FantasylandsSubscriber Access Only
How to tell an orc from an ewok
'We Now Know'Subscriber Access Only
The boast of imperial science.
While You're Waiting for Jesus, How About a Nice Cola?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: When Halloween season really starts bleeding into Christmastime, and other stories from around the world.
Tens of Thousands of Indonesian Christians Flee Homes as Muslims AttackSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Burying the cloning ban in a big hole, rescuing the Burnhams, criticizing modern missions, and other stories.
Presbyterian High Court Declares Gay Elder Case MootSubscriber Access Only
Conservatives say liberals failed in effort to set precedent.
Christians Under Threat in Central IndonesiaSubscriber Access Only
Jihad fighters foiled in initial bid to massacre Tentena Christians.
'Praying in Their Midst'Subscriber Access Only
Under what circumstances is it appropriate for Christians to worship or pray with non-Christians?
Robertson Says He's Quitting PoliticsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Pax TV is in trouble, and other stories from media around the world.
Narnia Film to Theaters in 2004Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Billy Graham gets knighted and other stories.
Christmas CountdownSubscriber Access Only
When does the holiday season really start?
One in Five Europeans Brought 'Closer to Religion' by September 11 AttacksSubscriber Access Only
Rising interest in spiritual answers to terrorism isn't limited to U.S.
Christmas Season Tense for Pakistan's ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Separate murders follow Bahawalpur massacre.
Daddy, What Is the Soul?Subscriber Access Only
Does the church have an answer?
Let's Take Over America! First, Kill the Intellectuals!Subscriber Access Only
When is a faith-based initiative not a faith-based initiative?
American Troops Offer to Rescue BurnhamsSubscriber Access Only
The return of William Dembski, a creationist museum, and other stories.
Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry Go Home to WacoSubscriber Access Only
Church will send short-term mission to Afghanistan in the spring
In Perspective: 'Singer of Simple Songs'Subscriber Access Only
Rock, country, and Christian artists find inspiration in September 11's terrorist attacks.
Bush's Chief Political Adviser Warns that Evangelicals May Be WithdrawingSubscriber Access Only
Uncertain future for Britain's proposed religious hatred bill, and other stories.
New Curriculum 'Tampering' with History, Indian Churches ProtestSubscriber Access Only
Christian leaders allege that a current education proposal promotes Hindu nationalism.
Gandalf and the GamblersSubscriber Access Only
As everyone talks about The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, critics also get around to reviewing Ocean's Eleven, In the Bedroom, and The Business of Strangers
Jacksonville Airport Grounds Chaplains, ServicesSubscriber Access Only
The Pope's words are in the ear of the headline writer, and other stories
Saving Christianity.comSubscriber Access Only
Nigeria's ongoing tragedies, and other stories from around the world.
O Christmas TreeSubscriber Access Only
A truly traditional tree would be unrecognizable—and flammable.
Books of the YearSubscriber Access Only
Part 1: The Top Ten
The Omega Theft?Subscriber Access Only
The Observer's weird tale of Christian rock, religious conservatives watch Bush, and other stories
Charity Hopes for New Beginning in Fight to Save Christian Prison WingsSubscriber Access Only
The Kainos Community drafts new proposals after the British prison system denies use of public funds.
In the United Methodist Church, a Trial Comes After the Court's DecisionSubscriber Access Only
The latest on the Burnhams, faking out the Salvation Army, and other stories
Let Harry Potter Conjure Up 'Gospel Magic', Says Christian MagicianSubscriber Access Only
Andrew Thompson and others agree that some Christians have a false understanding of what Harry Potter is about.
Merry...Um...'Holiday'Subscriber Access Only
The annual December dilemma finds public institutions striving to be sensitive to all faiths
The Politics of a Hole in the GroundSubscriber Access Only
Omega lawsuit update, divinity school dean resigns over financial controversy, and other stories.
Violence Erupts in Sri Lanka as Churches Look to New PM to Bring PeaceSubscriber Access Only
The island nation reels from an ethnic conflict which has claimed more than 64,000 lives since 1983.
Heather Mercer Helps the BurnhamsSubscriber Access Only
A very disturbing ad from a Christian aid organization, and other stories.
Unto Us Is Born a SaviorSubscriber Access Only
The Salvation Army in Moscow, the religion story of the millennium, and other articles from around the world.
The Fellowship of the RavesSubscriber Access Only
Critics grope for superlatives for The Fellowship of the Ring. Plus: Vanilla Sky and Not Another Teen Movie.
Christmas KettlesSubscriber Access Only
The history behind a Yuletide institution
The First Christmas (After 9/11)Subscriber Access Only
Is George Bush now leader of the religious right?
To Be a Better ManSubscriber Access Only
Big stars in big movies storm the box office, but little animated Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius stands up to the competition
One in Six Adults Has Changed Their ReligionSubscriber Access Only
An imperfect God, no news on the Burnhams, and other articles from around the world
Frodo Good, Harry BadSubscriber Access Only
Harry Potter has magic. Lord of the Rings has magic. Harry Potter has wizards, dark evil, and an unlikely hero who overcomes obstacles with friendship and courage. So does Lord of the Rings. Yet reactions from conservative Christian critics have not been so similar.
'A New Day'Subscriber Access Only
What are Christian leaders resolving for 2002?
Execution Orders Are Apparently the Way China Signals More Religious FreedomSubscriber Access Only
The Christian Coalition settles its race case
Missionaries in DangerSubscriber Access Only
As American and Philippine politicians discuss freeing the Burnhams, an American missionary is killed in Uganda.
Tanks at the MangerSubscriber Access Only
Some would like to forget that Christmas—and religion in general—has political significance.
Muslims Attack Christians in Nigeria and IndonesiaSubscriber Access Only
The FBI investigates fraud charges at the Christian Coalition, and other news.
Philippine Military Changes Strategy in Rescuing BurnhamsSubscriber Access Only
A sad ending to a church vandalism investigation, and other stories.
Books of the Year, Part 2Subscriber Access Only
After the top ten, here's the best of the rest.
Spurgeon's EpiphanySubscriber Access Only
The event he recounted more than 280 times in his sermons first occurred on January 6, 1850.

Top Story August 5, 2020

Lebanon Was Already in Turmoil. Then Came the Blast.
Lebanon Was Already in Turmoil. Then Came the Blast.
An evangelical Christian leader’s grief over a divided—and now devastated—country.