April (Web-only) 2006

A Sentinel, a Satire, and Silent Hill
Christian film critics take on The Sentinel, American Dreamz, and Silent Hill, and give us further perspectives on Friends with Money, The Notorious Bettie Page, The Wild, and Scary Movie 4.
Critics Aren't Wild About The Wild
Christian film critics review The Wild, Friends with Money, Scary Movie 4, The Notorious Bettie Page, and Hard Candy, but can't find anything to get excited about.
Take the Lead Formulaic but Worthy
Take the Lead goes nowhere new, Lucky Number Slevin is sordid and unsatisfying, The Benchwarmers are bone-headed, and Phat Girlz isn't much fun. Meanwhile, L'Enfant is a terrific art film and Don't Come Knocking a thoughtful parable. Plus, more on Ice Age: The Meltdown and Thank You for Smoking.
Ice Age Sequel Is Cool, Instinct Sequel Isn't
Critics are cool with Ice Age: The Meltdown, but take an ice pick to Basic Instinct 2. Plus, reviews of Slither and ATL.
Rally Time
Christians will be prominent at Darfur rally, but still choosing sides on immigration. Plus: Is Amish shunning illegal? And other stories from online sources around the world.
Akeelah and the Bee
United 93
Take the Weblog Challenge
Our bet: You'll never make it through this ridiculously long compilation of religion news. But at least we've organized it into categories.
Sports as Soap Opera
Sports as Soap Opera
Sportswriters seem to have forgotten their godly calling.
A Good Preacher Is Hard to Find
Post-Rapture Radio
Biopolitics: Can't We All Just Get Along?
Plus: The latest from the Korean cloning scandal.
Five Dead, Four Injured in Fatal Taylor University Crash
Plus: Darfur rallies planned for Sunday, evangelical disunity on immigration, a surprise warning before a film, abandoning evangelical, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Evangelism Exec Exits
Entrepreneurial leadership clashed with "denominational requirements" at second-largest domestic missions agency.
Reccord Responds to Criticism
Full text of former mission head's statement.
Rick Warren: 'You Can't Put New Wine in Old Wineskins'
Denomination's most prominent pastor on Bob Reccord's resignation.
The Other ID Opponents
Traditional creationists see Intelligent Design as an attack on the Bible.
Sticking It ... in Hollywood
After an all-star gymnastics career in college, Maddy Curley, a devout Christian, has landed her first major film role-in Stick It, a new movie about, yep, gymnastics.
Dan Brown's Gift to the Church
Rather than ignore or boycott The Da Vinci Code, Christians now have a great opportunity to share their faith—and to sharpen their own beliefs in the process.
A Prayer for Lenas and Luis
How one racially diverse church ministers to foreigners, while submitting to Caesar.
Should Evangelicals Support Bush's Foreign Policy if He Can't Guarantee Religious Freedom?
Case of Afghan convert causes some to question democracy push in the Middle East.
Arguing for God
Christian college debaters hope to change the world—but first to beat the competition.
American Dreamz
The Sentinel
Nigerian Archbishop Demands Justice
Peter Akinola affirms warning to government and Muslims, fires back on the Western press.
'You Trying to Say Jesus Christ Can't Hit a Curveball?'
Fans vent their frustration on struggling slugger who professes religious devotion.
Straight Talk from the Pope on the Biotech Century
The "anti-Genesis" of those who play God, and why the biotech business needs to take ethics seriously.
Christians and Muslims Riot in Egypt
Plus: Bob Reccord resigns as Baptist mission head, Gospel of Judas backlash, debating "evangelical," and links to 415 news and opinion articles from online sources around the world.
Peace Be with You
Christ's resurrection not only frees us from death, but also frees us from using it.
Betrayed Again
The Gospel of Judas Roadshow.
Down with Da Vinci!
I can't think of a better way to respond to the upcoming movie,The Da Vinci Code
The Wild
Un Problema Grande, No?
What major league baseball reveals about the dangers of immigration.
The Jesus and Judas Papers: A Look at Recent Claims about Jesus
Questions about history may be sincere, but make no mistake: There is an agenda at work.
Alien Proposals
Evangelical leaders divided over moral, policy questions on immigration.
Eat Sushi, Support the Moonies
Plus: University of the Cumberlands' out student, the battle against "Islamic terrorism," and other stories from online sources around the world.
Life in a Country of Death
Life in a Country of Death
Experiencing Christ's resurrection comes in ordinary moments, like sitting down to a meal.
Human Nature on Trial
Tomorrow's "godlike massively intelligent machines." Plus: Our nanotech future and some good news on stem cells that really work.
Kisses for Judas
Plus: Christian college dismisses student newspaper editors, PCUSA cutting 13% of budget, Jamaica's "theocratic" new PM, American Idol's Mandisa controversy, and other stories from online sources around the world.
American Theocrat
Richard John Neuhaus, Catholic political ambitions, and the evangelical pawns.
Pastor, State Senator Considering Illinois Gubernatorial Run
James Meeks, head of state's largest church, seeks to overcome social conservatives' racial barrier.
The Devil Made Him Do It
Daniel Johnston, whose songs have been covered by everyone from Beck to Wilco, has battled his inner demons for years. Just ask the filmmaker who documented his life story.
Top Ten Jesus Movies
Top Ten Jesus Movies
They've been making films about the Son of God for over a century. Here's one man's list of those that ascend to the top of the cinematic pack.
A Revival of Prayer
Author and speaker reports on students repenting of sin, seeking reformation.
Blessed is the Law—Up to a Point
A gentle challenge—and invitation—to the critics of our recent immigration editorial.
Jesus Didn't Walk on Water, Judas Was a Hero, Evolution 'Proved,' Prayer Doesn't Work ...
The week's top hyperboles, plus links to more than 350 religion news and opinion stories from online sources from around the world.
Sweet Charity
The Quakers behind Cadbury chocolate.
Friends with Money
Lucky Number Slevin
Take the Lead
A Passionate Moses
In a new TV version of The Ten Commandments, Dougray Scott plays a Moses who's not afraid to show his emotions. Despite some fabrications, the 2-part miniseries is reasonably faithful to the Bible's account.
In the wake of UCLA's loss in Monday's NCAA championship game, I couldn't help but wonder: What would John Wooden do?
The Judas We Never Knew
Disgraced disciple actually conspired with Jesus, according to newly released Gospel of Judas. Should we believe it?
Outsourcing Birth: Let an Indian Woman Have Your Baby
Plus: Good news from Europe on stem-cell funding.
Was George Washington a Christian?
A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
Blessed Are the Courageous
When it comes to immigration policy, let's remember who we're talking about.
Goin' to the Chapel
Country music legend Marty Stuart has worked with Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash and tasted much mainstream success. But he returns to his spiritual roots with Souls' Chapel.
United We Stand
Wishing For Boardwalk

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Faithful Fathers
Faithful Fathers
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