March (Web-only) 2009

Jerusalem: Center of the World
PBS documentary, airing Wednesday night, explores the ancient city's rich history, but doesn't necessarily delve too deeply into its theological implications.
Thinking Epistemologically about Obama and Notre Dame
Francis Beckwith explains why Notre Dame's invitation is so controversial, and what it says about higher education.
Muslim Priest and Buddhist Bishop-Elect Are Raising Questions About Syncretism
For years, Episcopal Church leaders have taught that God can be found in other faiths. Now some clergy are pursuing him there.
One of Jerry's Kids
Kevin Roose sojourns at Liberty U. and lives to tell (mostly good things) about it.
Monsters vs. Aliens
Dreamworks' latest family flick employs 3-D technology to draw you in—but alas, it isn't enough to distract from the lame storytelling.
The Cross: The Arthur Blessitt Story
The protagonist has carried a cross all over the world, and has the powerful stories to prove it—but this documentary fails to do him justice.
What the Pope Left Behind
Robert Schuller's doppelganger, Christian-run businesses you may not know, and more.
Faith, Fashion, and Forever 21
Faith, Fashion, and Forever 21
Review: <i>Noble Beast</i>
Hints of the Trinity
Andrew Bird's latest explores what it means to be human.
Does Faith Prolong Suffering for Cancer Patients?
A new study suggests that cancer patients who are religious are more likely to seek measures that attempt to prolong life.
Soulwork: Man Up, Christians
Man Up, Christians
Resisting the health and longevity gospel.
Grizzled Vets
The folks at Grizzly Adams Productions know how to make family-friendly programs—and they've got over a thousand episodes to show for it.
The Power of One
Will Obama Tax Plan Hurt Religious Groups?
Some say yes, others say no.
The Empty Promise of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Why scientific breakthroughs make the destruction of human embryos obsolete.
Condoms, HIV, and Pope Benedict
Leading HIV researcher Edward C. Green says criticism of the pope 'unfair.'
An Urgent Message
What new prophecy is creating buzz, who's praying with President Obama, and other questions from this week's news.
A moving, suspenseful, thought-provoking thriller that raises surprisingly spiritual questions.
A pair of corporate spies with a steamy history conspire to pull off the ultimate con in this smart, breathlessly entertaining cinematic musing on the fragility of trust.
I Love You, Man
A newly engaged man realizes he has no male friends and goes looking for a best man in this latest, funny, touching "bromantic" comedy.
The Great Buck Howard
A witty, enjoyable comedy about a young man working for a magician with a waning career while learning about the nature of fame.
Franklin Graham: Sudan's al-Bashir 'Responsible for Bloodshed'
Samaritan's Purse leader asks president to reinstate aid agency work in Darfur region.
The Scandal of the AIG Bonuses
And the gospel of incomprehensible unfairness.
Small Ruling Is Potentially Huge for Student Groups
Christian Legal Society lawyer notes that exceptions to rules can be as discriminatory as rules themselves.
Image Is Everything
Long before trailers and previews, movie posters were the best way to hook viewers—and Bible movie posters have always been among the flashiest of all.
What We Can Know about Saint Patrick
What We Can Know about Saint Patrick
He wasn't the first to bring Christianity to Ireland, but he was a pivotal figure.
Making Real Movies
Michael Landon Jr. on directing The Velveteen Rabbit, tapping into a child's imagination, and the challenges of being a Christian in Hollywood.
Capture Me
From Cold Turkey to the Cross
Fearing he was headed for hell, Randy Travis quit drinking and drugs in his mid-20s and started following Jesus—and now he has a greatest hits gospel CD to show for it.
Catching Up With … Esterlyn
Front man and principal songwriter Luke Caldwell on simple songs, staying indie, and becoming a dad.
What You Need to Know about David Wilkerson's 'Urgent Message'
How people are responding to his warning of riots, fires, and economic collapse in NYC.
Films with Class
Two thrilling movies about classrooms, students and teachers, guaranteed to stir your soul.
Race to Witch Mountain
Race to Witch Mountain
A pair of alien children hook up with a cab driver to save the planet in this incompetently made film that insults kids' intelligence—and the adults who brought them.
Here's an Idea
Time magazine writes about a new idea in religion, The Christian Science Monitor gives a dire prediction, and other questions from this week's news.
Sunshine Cleaning
This quirky drama/comedy follows a dysfunctional family as they search for release from painful pasts through a very odd job.
On the Lasting Evangelical Survival
What will and will not survive of this movement.
Blinded by the Light
Abandoned as a baby because he was born blind, country music star Ronnie Milsap found God anyway—and now has an album of gospel songs to show for it.
Science at Its Best
President Obama wants to 'restore science to its rightful place.' So do we.
Blogs: A Window to Our Souls
What does your Internet personality say about you?
Phoebe in Wonderland
An independent cinema gem that combines stellar acting with thought-provoking and deftly-handled explorations of identity, parenting, and mental illness.
This lengthy adaptation of the highly acclaimed superhero epic—which many consider the greatest graphic novel—remains faithful to its source material, retaining most of the complex storytelling, stunning visuals, heady themes, and R-rated content.
Keeping the Commandments
The Supreme Court is thinking more clearly about religious symbols in public life.
Justice vs. Peace in Sudan
Also: Psychologists explain why people go to church and the newest Christian Kosher food.
Set in the Japanese city, this triptych of short films on the theme of loneliness and social withdrawal achieves some uneven success.
Lament for Lost Eden
What to look for in a real church.
Sex Symbol and Christ Follower
Hollywood legend Jane Russell never intended the former reputation—indeed, she even fought it—but she was always serious about living her faith in Tinseltown.
God of This City
Maybe Tomorrow

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Faithful Fathers
Faithful Fathers
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