May (Web-only) 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeSubscriber Access Only
Despite the potential for thrilling adventure in an exotic setting, this adaptation of the popular video game series is an ultimately forgettable summer blockbuster.
Pastor With No Tongue Still Has a Lot to SaySubscriber Access Only
The Lutheran pastor believes that he's been able to reach more people than if he had not had cancer.
Sex and the City 2Subscriber Access Only
In this disappointing installment, the women escape their problems instead of grappling with them—and offer us a fluffy version of female power.
What 'Lost' Taught Us about Dying WellSubscriber Access Only
The meaning behind "live together, die alone."
So Long, InsecuritySubscriber Access Only
It's time we got our dignity back.
'Lost' in DisappointmentSubscriber Access Only
The season finale was 'a cop-out' and 'a turn for the worse,' says author and 'Lost' guru Chris Seay. But there's still much we can learn from the show.
Saint BartlettSubscriber Access Only
Songs of Emotional HealingSubscriber Access Only
Chasing God's HeartSubscriber Access Only
Lynda Randle may be best known as the only African-American in the Gaither family of musicians, but her biggest passion is ministering to hurting women.
Redeeming 'Lost'Subscriber Access Only
Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen tells CT why the television show reminds him of C. S. Lewis's 'The Great Divorce.'
Glenn Beck's GospelSubscriber Access Only
Some evangelicals support Beck's view of salvation and social justice. Others see the Fox News commentator as 'a danger to true evangelical theology.'
Remembering Moishe RosenSubscriber Access Only
Jews for Jesus founder left his mark on evangelism.
Faithful Presence Is Not QuietismSubscriber Access Only
James Davison Hunter responds to Chuck Colson and Andy Crouch.
Racing DreamsSubscriber Access Only
This documentary about NASCAR's "Little League" offers exciting races and a poignant look at the transition between childhood and adulthood.
Shrek Forever AfterSubscriber Access Only
The final chapter in the Shrek saga is a refreshing improvement on its predecessor—while also affirming the value of counting your blessings.
Say GodSubscriber Access Only
Weakness Makes You BeautifulSubscriber Access Only
Wide Open SpacesSubscriber Access Only
NightlightsSubscriber Access Only
Christian Radio: It's a Man's WorldSubscriber Access Only
Forty-eight of the top 50 Christian songs in the last decade were by males, a figure primarily determined by women who listen to Christian radio. Why don't they want to hear their female peers on the air?
Obama's AIDS DilemmaSubscriber Access Only
White House funding priorities determine who will live and who will die.
Who is Elena Kagan?Subscriber Access Only
Political activist groups don't know much about the Supreme Court nominee, but they still had plenty to say about her.
More than Faithful PresenceSubscriber Access Only
Charles Colson responds to James Davison Hunter's 'To Change the World'.
Hunter and I Agree on Culture Making (He Just Seems Not to Know It)Subscriber Access Only
Andy Crouch responds to James Davison Hunter's 'To Change the World'.
Mother and ChildSubscriber Access Only
Despite a stellar cast and standout performances, this dark and brooding look at women, motherhood, and various longings is a bit too self-indulgent and darkly obsessive for its own good.
Letters to JulietSubscriber Access Only
A young woman vacationing in Italy finds a love-letter written 50 years before, and assists the now-elderly widow who wrote it to find her one-time love.
Robin HoodSubscriber Access Only
The latest incarnation of the legendary hero starring Russell Crowe attempts intense action and authenticity a la Braveheart, but falls short on facts and fun.
Doug Coe's Vision for the Fellowship
Doug Coe's Vision for the FellowshipSubscriber Access Only
The man behind the National Prayer Breakfast explains his original intent for his organization.
Taming ReligionSubscriber Access Only
Why we need to keep The Extremist in check.
Psychologist Resigns from NARTH after Gay Prostitute's ClaimsSubscriber Access Only
George Rekers has resigned from a reparative therapy group, saying, 'I am not gay and never have been.'
Arizona's Border CrisisSubscriber Access Only
Why Christians should oppose the state's new immigration law.
6 Catholics, 3 JewsSubscriber Access Only
Does it matter that there might soon be no Protestants on the Supreme Court?
Serpent Tales & NightingalesSubscriber Access Only
Times and SeasonsSubscriber Access Only
The Light Meets the DarkSubscriber Access Only
Letting GoSubscriber Access Only
Overcoming Fear in 'Feast or Fallow'Subscriber Access Only
With one of the best albums of the year so far, Sandra McCracken's new hymns project is balm for the soul. We asked her all about it.
Dobson and DobsonSubscriber Access Only
"Doctor" returns to the radio as his wife's National Day of Prayer takes center stage.
BabiesSubscriber Access Only
This fascinating documentary follows four babies (from Namibia, Mongolia, Japan, and the U.S.) through their first year of life.
Iron Man 2Subscriber Access Only
With a bigger universe and a host of new faces, this comic book movie sequel is bigger—and in many ways better—than the blockbuster original.
Mother's Day Worship?Subscriber Access Only
Leaders weigh in on whether churches should celebrate Mother’s Day in worship services.
Q & A: James Dobson on the National Day of PrayerSubscriber Access Only
Focus on the Family's founder gives his assessment of a judge's recent ruling that the day is unconstitutional.
Jim Belcher, Francis Chan, N.T. Wright, and Others Leave the Pastorate to Write and SpeakSubscriber Access Only
Why church planters often quit their congregations.
Bonhoeffer Stood FastSubscriber Access Only
Martyred German pastor showed theology has consequences.
Forgiveness Rock RecordSubscriber Access Only
Heaven Is WheneverSubscriber Access Only
So Runs the World AwaySubscriber Access Only
The Generous Mr. LovewellSubscriber Access Only
The Gulf of Mexico and the Care of CreationSubscriber Access Only
We exercise dominion over creation not only when we use it, but also when we conserve it.

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The Speed of Our Souls—and Our Soles
The Speed of Our Souls—and Our Soles
An avid walker explains why walking is good for spiritual growth.